Bill Ballard – Welcome To March – Wow Wasn’t February Dramatic – Very Interesting – 1 March 2013

Uploaded on 1 March 2013 by pearls2u

So the pope pooped out on the last day of February 2013, yesterday and what a month February was. It appears that the bets are that the next pope will be Cardinal Peter Turkson a black man of Ghana, which feeds into the prophecy of the “black pope” Peter Romanus being the very last one… Will this happen? I certainly don’t know but bets are being made on exactly that… See link below.…

In February there was much going on as the Queen of the Netherlands abdicating, the first Common Law Court finding the Pope, Queen of England and Canadian Prime Minister guilty as charged and sentenced… Now, people do wonder who will make the arrests and the answer is anyone who can. What will eventually happen as this expands is that those persons will be limited in their travels abroad to the point of house arrest of their own nature until the final shift and collapse of the existing system occurs… What a hoot and time to be alive, alove watching as it all unfolds. Many things of prophecy are unfolding now.

Facebook also deleted much of my February posts of current global news throughout the month. The first was on Valentine’s Day deleting February 1 through 13 posts I made… several thousand. They claimed Anonymous did that, which it did not… Then 2 nights ago on Feb 27, that happened again, deleting up to February 24ths posts… What is it they don’t want the public to see? OPPT or the One People’s Public Trust information is the only thing that I feel that could be about. Many other news sharers and bloggers are now under attack….

People have asked me to turn up the volume on my video… with recent updates to the program I use to make these videos, my ability to control the volume has now been limited… sorry.

In addition to what I say in this video and the deleting of my posts… this message was just sent to me
“Li Ma Au
Hi cosmic friend! just to let you know…your post no longer show on my news stream the only way i can see your posts is by coming to your wall. thank you for all you do to awaken humans to truth. namaste!”


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