Sophia Love – He’s My Brother – 1 March 2013

2829253Absolute control is invisible.  It is the belief that we are not slaves that most securely reinforces our shackles.

We know just one way of DOing – division, judgment, correction.  We are BEcoming something new.  We are BEing Love, utilizing our heart and DOing Agape.  This has not been done before.  As we take our first steps, trip, get up and begin to walk – the Universe watches.  They are waiting to see us run.

We will.

We’ve already chosen Freedom.  Now, to figure out what that means.  As we internally shift from mind control to heart guidance, our world will sync up.  It has to.  You may have heard that we are “off script”.  It’s all Imrov now folks.  There is one rule for a successful improvisation.  It is “yes, and”.  On stage, we take our queue from each other and continue.  As in: Actor A: “I see you are using that hair gel I told you about, you look great!”  Now Actor B can say “You noticed!  Now I have more time to do my favorite thing in the morning, square dancing!”  or “No, I tossed that, it didn’t work.”

The first reply gives Actor B something to work with.  “You square dance in the morning?”  While the second ends both the conversation and the scene.  “Oh.”

We are looking to engage not control.  A world of free beings does not wait to be told what to do.  A world of equals decides what works and does it – together.

We are in a process.  We are all very familiar with what has been the game until now.  A place to start might be learning the game of freedom.

We’ve heard about the One People’s Public Trust.  Have you read the filings?  Any of them?  How about the Declaration of Independence?  The OPPT is not an institution.  No one is going to tell you what you must know to succeed.  You’ll have to decide on your own.

It will be uncomfortable.  It is a re-learning.  Improv is scary, sometimes awkward yet what comes out of a session is complete Unity.  You were all in it together and none of you knew what was going to work.  Often, magic takes over and an amazing invisible choreography organizes a beautiful, hysterical show.  It truly is a case of “Whose line is it anyway?”

Yet there is structure beneath the chaos.  After you are in it awhile, you begin to get it.  We are in the process of building the structure.

How we will build it is up to us.  there are some of us already thinking about it.  The Fix the World Project, begun by Hope Girl is an example.  Here is a link to her blog:

For starters, let’s absorb the truth of what has been re-stated – our Freedom.  Let’s declare, with our every thought, word and action “The slavery stops here.”  This is not a call for punishment or us vs. them.  This is a declaration.  “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”  We are One.

This transitory stage is a learning stage.  There will be markers for us to see and take note of.  “Here is slavery.”  “This is freedom.”  We need both to start the process.  Contrast will define our journey and clear the path for us so that we are able to run free.

We’ll get there because it was always the plan for us to get there.  Our hearts will show us the way.  We are the One’s we’ve been waiting for. / link to original article


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