Wes Annac – Realizing Our Infinity As Spiritual Beings (Part 3/4) – 1 March 2013

031Continued from Part 2

Connecting with Your Emotions

Allow yourself to connect with your emotional side, for in doing so you will connect with your heart routinely. Emotions are beautiful, but too many people have been programmed to think emotions and feelings don’t matter and that only cold, logical or egotistical ways of Living can be employed. Our emotions are gateways to our heart chakra, and our heart chakra is among the strongest of gateways to the higher realms we can open up for ourselves.

As such, getting in touch with your emotions is important to opening the heart chakra. Some of you may find an opening of the third eye acting in accordance with that of the heart chakra, and you will begin to find metaphysical perspectives and ideas emanating from within, some of which you may gravitate toward and really explore. Getting in touch with your emotional side is one of the biggest ways you can begin your inner-exploration and of course, beginning that exploration is important to realizing your personal infinity.

Welcome and allow new perspectives in, even if they seem initially to be outside of the paradigm of understanding you previously accepted. This is another area where balance is essential, as you do not want to fall out of balance and become a conduit for extreme beliefs that may not be in alignment with the new paradigm. Of course, everyone’s perspective is welcomed, but we are all welcomed to express our beliefs in a balanced manner as well.

Accessing one’s emotions will lead to a greater realization of the heart, and opening the heart will in turn lead to a realization of deeper and more powerful emotions. Finding a greater depth of emotion will as well help us begin to see our infinity, as we will begin to know and recognize aspects of ourselves who we would have previously thought did not exist.

Accessing Other Realms of Existence

As we begin to find and open our heart chakras, many of us will also find an access to etheric realms beyond our third dimensional perceptions. For some of us, these realms may open up via our dreams and specifically, via lucid dreaming, which can be utilized for potent astral travel. Others may begin to open up to astral travels within their imagination as they recognize that what we’ve perceived as imagination has long been an actual ability to access and interact with the astral realms we hold and Create within.

Imagine yourself, right now, in a big, open field. It is summertime in the evening, and the calm breeze flowing through hits your face in just the right way, offering gentle and cool refreshment. Imagine you are standing in front of a hammock, which is strung onto two trees that are a few away from each other.

One of the trees is growing large, red apples while the other one features beautiful and colorful leaves. Imagine as you take an apple from the first tree and bite into it. How does it taste?

For so very long, authors have written stories that both captured and got us to use our imaginations, and when we read our favorite novels we are Creating what we read in an inner-space that is entirely our own, which we paint with the story we read. Reading is such a great thing, because it allows us to utilize our powers of Creation and really feel what we’re absorbing.

We can actively work within the realms of our imagination to do so many things, and we can utilize lucid dreaming to do just as much. We have a full and uninhibited access to realms beyond the understanding of the physical humanity, but we’ve been led to believe that things like dreams and our imagination are not real or are only products of our minds when in fact, they are very real links to very real inner-held realms of consciousness.

Synchronizing the Opened Mind & Heart

Opening the heart and really finding that solidified connection, along with working to open the third eye and finding a perfect synchronization between the utilization of the two, will see us very easily able to interact with our inner-realms in a clear manner. Working to open the third eye after having built a strong connection to and opening of the heart will solidify such a connection in very strong ways.

Finding the balance between the two and allowing the heart to act as a receiver of higher dimensional or metaphysical impressions or energies will see you able to utilize your opening third eyes to interpret everything the heart is receiving. Without opening up the heart, the opening third eye can be susceptible to receiving impressions from aspects of one’s own mind or thought-form entities who will masquerade as a specific entity or energy, while opening the heart will see the influence of ego subdued and will see one able to receive clear and pure higher dimensional impressions.

There will be a perfect relationship between the two chakras, and Mastering that balance will see us excel and flourish along the path of realizing our infinity. Our telepathic abilities will be heightened when interpreting everything we receive through both mind and heart, and we will continue to strengthen a connection with metaphysical realms.

Learning Lessons & Opening Chakras

After garnering an opening of and connection with both the mind and heart chakras, it will of course be important to work toward opening our other chakras, as they are important in the areas of expression they each represent. While I’m not going to offer specific advice for opening each chakra, I will say that we will receive specific lessons in relation to opening every chakra and those lessons will of course, be related to which avenues of expression each chakra represents.

You may be given specific lessons about speaking in public related to the opening of your throat chakra. Perhaps you will be led to begin eating healthier as a part of opening the sacral chakra. I could go on and on with examples, but you can make your journeys easier by letting your guides and those aspects of your higher self know which specific chakras you wish to focus on opening, after opening the third eye and heart.

You can use your thoughts and emotions to communicate with such souls, and they will be able to work with the impressions you give them to manifest certain situations in your Lives that you will then be able to know are playing-out so you can learn a crucial lesson related to opening the chakra you affirmed your commitment to opening. It will be quite a journey to open up each chakra, but this is the ongoing journey of realizing our infinity and while there is much required, after opening our third eyes and hearts the journey will begin to become much easier.

Opening up to a Reality of Energy

As we awaken more and more, many of us will become increasingly aware of the energetic components of our reality. We will begin to see that everything around us is energy, including us and our emotions. We will begin to understand the fluidity and changeability of our realities, and many of us will become open to the idea of energy work and the understanding of our ability to act as energetic alchemists.

Consider the very idea of emotion being a changeable energy that does not have to hold you prisoner to it. Consider the idea that the very reality you find around you is not solidified, and can rather be worked with to produce circumstances in your Life that work for you and suit the reality you wish to Live in.

Many people will begin to open up to these very ideas upon focusing on and working to open their chakras, and the understandings of not only the various metaphysical realms that lay beyond our perception, but also the energetic nature of our reality will lead us onward to the full realization and understanding of our infinity.

An increasing understanding of energy work and the realms beyond our conscious perception will breed in many people, the aforementioned understanding of their abilities as energetic alchemists as well as of their roles as Lightworkers.

What is a Lightworker?

The word “Lightworker” has been thrown around and used a lot within the New Age community, and I would like to give my personal definition of a Lightworker, which may or may not match yours. I define a Lightworker as any conscious or awakening soul, on this world or any other, who have begun to recognize their role and are working accordingly on anchoring and bringing forth higher and purer energies and the resulting expansion in perception and awareness.

You needn’t wonder if you are a Lightworker or not, as it is not some exclusionary club; if you are attracted to the very idea, than you may very well be a developing Lightworker, growing into your role and becoming open to concepts that will drive the work you may find yourself doing in the future. In the future, we all will have recognized our roles and will be working to bring forth and establish a new paradigm and for many of us, our roles have included being Lightworkers.

It’s been said before that there are a thousand different ways we can perform Lightwork, and becoming open to the very idea of energy work and your quite-strong ability to perform it will see you ever-closer to your realization of your nature as an infinite being.

Lightwork will help the entire planet to find the lightening vibrations of the higher realms which, of course, will permeate our world and help us all to realize our infinity. Opening up to Lightwork will help us individually as well, and each bit of interaction we have with higher dimensional energies or planes of reality will garner more perspective and understanding in us.

Some Lightworkers literally work with the higher dimensional or emotional energy they’ve opened up to the reality of, and some work with this energy on refined etheric planes that they have also opened up to. Some will anchor the purest and most intense of these energies unto the core of our Earth, so that the Earth’s soul can direct it toward areas of its surface that desperately need our healing.

Some Lightworker bless their food and drink, and impart refined higher dimensional energies that will restore health in what they are blessing if health is lost.

Channeling – Subtle & Direct

Some Lightworkers channel higher dimensional wisdom and inspiration through themselves in a subtle manner, by writing out the inspiration and Light they feel in a song, an article or a poem. Some are artists who choose to act, paint or grow beautiful plants that they impart their natural Light and growing higher dimensional perspective unto.

Others channel the energies and encoded impressions of the higher realms and of various facets of the higher realms through themselves very directly, and doing so is working with and decoding energy to find and absorb a specific encoded aspect of such energy. Channeling is a potent form of Lightwork, and there are different ways one can choose to channel if they find themselves interested in the idea of doing so.

Some will open up to or choose only to communicate with their higher self or an aspect of their higher self.

Who is Our Higher Self?

For those of you who don’t know what or who our higher self is; as we are working to discover in this series, we are infinite beings whose consciousness extends far beyond our physical body and senses. We exist in various other realms even right now, and in the higher dimensions wherein time is not a factor and we have evolved, we exist harmoniously, helping to guide lower dimensional “Godsparks” of our consciousness who are working to reach a higher dimensional perspective and attain a realization of infinity.

Our higher self is us, existing in a different state of consciousness and extending his/her energies and assistance down to us, just as the sun gives light, information and sustenance to the dear flowers. There are aspects of our higher self who we could call our “future selves” existing in less pure states of consciousness than that of our higher self, who exist in such states of consciousness in a partial effort to help us evolve as well.

While the “average” person reading this may find all of this talk of timeless realities and higher/future selves a tad strange, upon realizing how distorted and illusory this physical reality truly is we will come to find that nothing is what we’ve been led to believe it is. The good news is that the planes of existence lying beyond our perspective are harmonious and wonderful to exist in.

Concluded in Part 4 on Monday.

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