Visionkeeper – March Forecast – 2 March 2013“The primary theme for March is MOVEMENT.”

“However, March is a split personality month with the first couple of weeks giving us more of February’s watery course. During this time, watch for continued unexpected emotional debris surfacing from the depths.”

“ It may seem like nothing is moving and the surface is quiet, but there is a lot going on underneath. We have called this time period ‘Roll With the Punches’.”

“Mid month, the underwater movement comes to the surface as the storm gathers and unleashes its energy in full force much like a sprinter at the Olympics. This sprinter has set goals, dreamed, trained and remained very focused to get where they are and this is the time to put it all together. We are calling this time frame ‘Ready, Set, GO!’”

“During the first part of the month it may seem like not much is active as the movement is subtle, unfocused and subconscious. Beware of letting down your guard as we are still in the time of unpredictability…”

“Remember not to underestimate what goes on beneath the surface and pay attention to the subtle (or not so subtle) signs. Even if you spend a lot of time feeling ‘spaced out’, just know that there is lots going on that you may not be consciously aware of.”

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