Bill Ballard – OPPT – To Explore the New World You Must Let Go of the Old World – 3 March 2013

Uploaded on 3 March 2013 by pearls2u

In order for us to take ourselves into a New Earth WE EACH must let go of our hold in the Old Earth… To explore a New World your feet must FIRST leave the Old World. THIS which I mean is in relation to things like the Maritime Corporate Commercial Legal System vs OPPT or One People’s Public Trust as well as your thought of Mainstream Media vs Alternative Media and so much more including Ascension and EnLightEnMent and having to drop body as we go through that process of expansion of our consciousness and Light Body. February brought so many changes and the powers that were are fighting hard to hold on to their power, not wanting information getting out to the public. This is the “powers that were” last ditch effort as we enter the 2nd Half of the Tribulation. It is so VERY interesting to see all going on, even with the chaos of change. But always, one must first till the ground which creates chaos before the new seeds planted will grow well in that soil. What a GREAT TIME to be alive, awake, and aware on Mother Earth…


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