Lisa Gawlas – The Clarity Of In-Sight Is Coming On-Line! – 3 March 2013

clarity universeThere is something happening within us, around us, that is our new map of the moment.  Sudden clarity!  My first reading of the day yesterday really took me by surprise in the way she showed up.  There was this extraordinary clarity to her energy field.  How I seen her is really difficult to put into words.  There was nothing at all that I had seen, no imagery that is, but a circular field of super intense clear energy.  What was even more strange is that her energy showed up half way between the back yard and inside my house.  As I started to remember the last time I had seen this imagery her team instantly stated it does not mean the same now.  What is being shown is how balanced her inner and outer worlds of creation are.  One harmonious state of Being.

With the fresh breath of morning filling me (smile) I understand what was shown more clearly (pun intended lol.)  Part of the initial process of arriving and Living in this new expanded galaxy of the heart is to infuse all that blue, white and black energy into your whole Being.  How you do that is as unique as you are (but please, let me give a shout out to meditation as the most direct and quickest way…smile.)

This full on infusing releases the fragmented hold any of the illusion, the outer created world of (non) reality has held on you.  Your orbital field (reality) is now completely and fully around the pureness of your heart center and not contingent on what is happening outside of you.

Of course, because this story is sooo utterly new, this may be simply one way to experience the heart galaxy of your life.  I say that because, those enmeshed in a family setting, living with others, working in the outside world… may actually have a harder time getting to this place of clarity as I had seen my lovely lady.  For those of us who choose a solo journey to Here, this state of Being seems so much easier than, lets just say, I still was raising my children.  So I am sure, we are just seeing the first part of this amazing story unfolding.

Then again, if we were all doing the same thing, how utterly boring even the heart galaxy would become!!

Altho, thru her absolute clarity, I couldn’t “see” a thing, which almost sounds opposite of what it would entail, but it’s not.  This really is a very different way of Being in life.

If we can think of it like having grown up in a massive fog bank all our lives (clouded by thoughts, beliefs  others agendas) and we arrive somewhere where the fog no longer exists, except thru our (fleeting) memory of the way it was.  So now what we are doing, is orienting ourselves into this new way of living, of Being a full partner with the Life within us!

I think the best way to describe this is using my own example of myself, which I didn’t even realize happened until I connected to her.  The day I put my commitment announcement on Facebook about my road trip to Virginia and Pennsylvania declaring, plan first, funding second (my first moment of clarity was doing this road trip at all costs…)   A precious soul instantly responded by asking me to put some classes together, to teach some things.  It was as if a rush of pure energy went straight to my heart and my only reply was, I wish with all my heart I had reliable internet.  It would be so easy for me to teach you how to read energy, fully connect to the energy flow of a body and tap into the DNA communication of people, but not without streaming a live video.   so I filed the potential as sometime down the road when they fix my internet here.

Yesterday, as I was concluding my sharing of the day, this sudden clarity hit me, I can actually create this classes while I am in Virginia.  Holy cow!!  I can!!  This morning, as I share this… it is even going one step further, my Dad is so open and desiring of energy work to be done to help him to Live and we can use his body as a real life test subject of the classes.  Hmmmmmmmm!!!!  I so feel a divine conspiracy happening!!   In this moment I have decided, I am packing my massage table for the road trip!!

These intense moments of clarity will at first arrive in bursts.  Put the first thing into action, the next burst will reveal itself.  If you never put the energy into play with the first burst, the second and third (or however many there are) will never happen… until you act on the first one.

The more we act on this clarity, and allow us to fully release the memory of the fog bank (the how can I do that if, lets just say for me, I don’t have any money fog) these moments of clarity will happen faster and faster until one day, there is just the clarity happening in that very moment.  I really don’t know what that looks like, but it is going to be wonderful to find out!!

There are yet others still moving into their heart field and in the process of going thru that black hole, and others yet within their amniotic sac of blue, white and black energy.  From what the field has been saying all of March is an “orientation period” no longer in the old ways of life and still orienting ourselves with the new.

For me personally, this whole new way of reading and understanding is absolutely exhausting!!  Exciting, but holy cow, exhausting.  I have been so visually oriented with my connections and now, I feel like I am straddling the deep inner heart of feeling and it seems each “tentacle” has its own vibrational frequency and picks up certain things and relays it back to my heart, which activates the imagery space of my pineal gland and then the two start a communication frequency together that has me, at this moment, really disoriented!!  I really feel like a kindergartner who has been placed in college and somehow, I know I know how to do this with grace and ease.  For those who have found themselves on my reading agenda at this moment, thank you so much for your patience and your ability to teach me what I have yet to remember!!

On that note, I am going to close, I have a Soul Gym to prepare for this morning!!  We have talked about so much these last several days, today we are doing an open topic  Q&A style gym!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of new adventures filled with moments of extreme clarity!!

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