TheOne-DreamDreamer – If I Were On The “Other Side” – 3 March 2013

the_other_side_179525I would follow the stream of those I want to deceive, read all their posts, write, share and get to know their deepest group desire. What they wait for, how they wait for it, when they wait it.I would learn their language and help them get that what they want. Share information with them. “Important” information… in the end I know what they want to know, and it’s easy for me to get it out.

I would fast become a “hero”, a well informed hero. And then be attacked, as by being attacked my light hero-ness would increase exponentially AND all my followers would praise me even more and hate “them” and their attacks in a more intense way.

Oh yes, that hate… that fight… all that focus! Wonderful!

I killed two birds with one stone! I used their energy to focus on what they hope will happen giving information of the fact that it is soon going to happen, and so used their energy to dissolve it into nothing… AND used their energy to build up a whole bunch of hate and regret that is feeding exactly what they claim to fight and not want, and thus are the main source of it on the planet right now.

Easy. So easy.

For those here still believe in fight… fighting is loosing. It is loosing now and all ways. Claiming to be Love and “fight the dark” is simple non sense. There’s only One way of “fighting the dark”. It’s by not feeding it. And that happens inside. For that there’s no teacher needed. No lessons to learn but those inside of you. No guru to follow. And more than anything… no One to hate or blame. Any thing else… is an old game!

Every single one thought that is not of love, compassion, sharing, understanding… is a lost thought.

Every One should ask itself if it is really ready to give up fighting as for some it’s such a deep habit… The strongest of souls is the one that surrenders to Love knowing, deply knowing, anything else is simply not real. / link to original article

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