WeTheJury – Hear the Exclusive Story On We The Jury With Kevin Annett – 3 March 2013

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Saturday March 2 from 4-6 pm EST / 9-11 pm GMT on www.blogtalkradio.com/wethejury

Pope and Canada Found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity:Hear the Exclusive Story on We the Jury with Kevin Annett, Common Law Court jurors and Irish anti-Vatican activists with ITCCS Ireland.

Featured guests include Lisa Shannon (USA) and Melanie Spencer (Netherlands), Citizen Jurors with the Common Law Court of Justice, who with other jurors recently found the Pope and others Guilty of Crimes against Humanity – and who have issued a Court Order for their arrest.

Also appearing are John Deegan, Gerry O’Donovan and Dave O’Brien of ITCCS Ireland, who have led church occupations in Dublin on behalf of victims of Catholic church violence.

Information: www.itccs.org   Also a new site in french.


Due to scheduled guests and limited time we will not be accepting outside callers but any questions or comments may be posted in the chat room.

Panel: Host Kevin Annett,co host Bill Annett, Claudia Julien, producer Marcie Lane

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