Lisa Gawlas – The New Book Of Life Is Created With Invisible Ink – The Heart Is The Only True Reader – 4 March 2013

invisble-inkHurray, hurray, hurray!!  Can you see me jumping around with excitement saying, OMG, I get this!!   Thanx, of course to YOU and some freedom of information (or figuring out how to work this new field.  Whatever it is, I am just so excited!!)  I think the only way to really explain where we are at right now and what is really happening is by using a metaphor.

If you can look at the imagery we have been seeing of your heart field looking very much like an earth energy view… blues and whites and blacks as a brand new  never before read before, fresh off the press, Book of your New Life.  All that energy is the words, paragraphs and chapters to your New Life, your New Story.  I personally cannot see it’s content because you are still deciding which words your going to use, which paragraph and chapters your going to live, which you may (or may not) toss out….

Your energy field turns to clear as you absorb what you are willing to absorb.  There are chapters and sections about your multidimensional aspects, your spiritual mastery and wisdom, all the wonderful fun and inner work yet to do and explore.  (FREE WILL still very much applies.)  As you allow (even at the most unconscious level of Being)  all the new words and chapters turn from potential to a clear energy, a full on absorption if you will.

As the field explained it yesterday, it is like taking all that within the book and now turning it into invisible ink.  On purpose.  This invisible ink is also a very strong source of protection for all those who have evolved into the Heart Galaxy.  Nothing less than the Light will be able to “see” you and therefore, no harm can ever come to you (unless you open yourself up to it yourself.)

Let’s take this a little further into metaphor land.  (The metaphors work for me! lol)  Last week and every day prior, everyone on all the earths were “viewable” via the satellite system of the pineal gland.  (I.E. my antenna)  For those who have made the journey thru the black hole into the new and exciting galaxy of the heart, the only way of reading your “new story” is by using the special pen designed to read invisible ink… the heart is the only source of that connection.  And even that takes some work, all the details within are scrambled, again, for protection on all levels of Being.  You/we are not “viewable” from any sort of distance.  It is only in the pure heart connection that all is seen and (eventually, smile) understood!

All this information came thru my first lady on the field yesterday.  I cannot even tell you how excited I was to hear and understand it all, and knowing that my/our new handy dandy invisible ink pens (tentacles) will actually start to work better!!  Hurray!!

Thru the rest of the day, something else became obvious too.  The clearer you are inside… emotionally speaking, the clearer the information is to pick up and unscramble the upcoming stories of your life.  Leaving the fog bank of the mental galaxy… crucial to each and everyone of us.

Please don’t mistake that to mean, what you are doing and how you are going to do it will be clear, it has always been about the emotional field within.  Examples:  Love with any fragments of judgement or expectations (conditions) around its frequency is still within the fog bank.  Hope with any element of fear, is still in the fog bank.

Thru all of this new heart galaxy world, a lot will be changing for everyone.  Think about the implications of it all.  If a psychic/spiritual reader cannot connect to you due to your frequency change… how on earth are people from your old story going to, unless they are making the shift with you?  You are going to become less and less visible to those whom you thought seen you clearly a week ago.  Let this be a place of excitement instead of worry.  Jobs more than likely will fall apart, or even change in the scope of what you did/do.  Inner heart promptings are going to get stronger…. FOLLOW the energy.  Even as it takes you somewhere you never planned on going!!

The the increase of heart energy thru all the dimensional earths, we are going to see corrupt systems start to break apart .. again.  Only this time, no plugging the dam with old energy band-aides.  These are the times to be fully in your heart, to know your part in this vast and quick changing story.

If you can think of it this way (very much like the dream I had a week or so ago) the galaxy of the heart has an intense magnetic gravitational pull towards it.  Breaking up old energy systems just by Being present within yourself.  Think about this for a moment.  If just your presence alone is creating such a gravitational pull on the fears and worries of anyone around you, your gonna end up pissing more people off than getting hugs from.  Celebrate this!!

But equally, your innate skills are going to be required for all to move thru this exciting time.  Whatever those skills are.  You will find, more skills will try and burst right out of you… trust that, use them.  We are ALL being asked to stretch beyond our comfort zone, beyond what we thought we were capable of… Just Do It (whatever “it’ is for you.)

The winds of change that was blowing in February is now coupled with the winds of change that have already started to pick up in March… double dose of atomic winds.  No One will be standing still.  You can either use these winds to blow your forward, (having them at your back) or plow you over straight in your face.  By hook or by crook… change is gonna come!!

Take my own little crazy journey.  I started out feeling a road trip that would have been about 4 weeks long.  The more clear I got on that, it stretched into maybe 5-6 weeks long…. I am now staring about 2 months away from my “Home Base” in the eye.  And everything that I thought it was going to be (my road trip) is changing, becoming clearer, more directive in purpose.  I am already missing my Home!!   But that too, is perfect.  By the time I actually leave, I will have gotten all the sadness out of my blood stream and be even clearer when it is time.

It will be interesting and exciting to get out into the world in a whole new way!!

Together, Heart to Heart!!

((((HUGZ)))) of deeply connected Love fields!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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