Lucas – Month March Theme : Coloring The New World Manifesting As One – 4 March 2013

colorsThe month of reflection and integration of all those 2012 changes brought within us and the rebirthing of our planet into 5D  got a lot of us out of the comfort zone again. The ones thinking at first nothing happened on 21 December 2012  dumped themselves in a state of disappointment. The others that got true it feeling the changes others didn’t  had to see we had entered a transitional period toward the total shift into 5D.

February was the month of  preparing for our shift and jump from a shadow 5D state to a conscious 5D reality state. We had to re-work still some issues, also breakthroughs manifested as big holes in the old paradigm. Holes shot in the old paradigm  appeared as the OPPT filings, the resignation of the pope, the ICCTS  common law tribunal court verdict and all the behind the screens desperate power struggles for the old to stay in power. The powers that alleged be still want to submit humanity, but humanity now responses more and more by getting  into its own power as free humans that have no one in between them and the creator. The power of our BEing.  The old barriers are and will be challenged till surrendered totally for the ones still holding to 3D and 4D and the old paradigm cabal that in fact should realize just to be also coming from that same source as us being One with us. They need to see that the play in the theater of 3D and 4D is over and  play is closed down for all times. They need to find back to their natural BEing that all of us are in coming from the One source.

The month of  March will  bring us the re-grouping of people and structures to find like-minded on a same resonating vibrational frequency level.  The time will come those still in lower levels of thought or state of mind are even in the 5D realm not gonna manifest there things in reality.  The new is only to manifest from a free open realization field of resonance in 5D. This makes we can only connect on that same basic resonance field together in all as One and as us being One with all our unique parts to contribute to the puzzle that will create the One picture that is in all of us already.  The month is about leaving definite the old behind and getting the first lessons in the playing field of the new.  We have been making first baby steps in trying to manifest.

The people who already found or will find each other in this new groups can be seen as soul group related BEings that often already are connected in dream state meetings and projects even unaware of this. The groups will go start exploring the new.  You can sit back and see what develops  or you go co-create and share, Be part of it.  Know this way we begin coloring the new wold that we are manifesting. The already new types of colors and shades of light we bring into the vibrational frequencies floating in the new 5D make a beautiful total picture.

So let us give our new paradigm some natural new, open and free coloring. Let us see nothing will be the same evermore.  The best painters of the world like Gauguin, Dali, Rembrandt, Turner can not touch that what will be if we create as One from a resonating 5D vibrational level. We will be creation artists of the magical kind that have only the best for  all interest in our creations imbedded.  Nothing is done anymore for the self or for ego or for gain or pride or whatever old polarity term as it is not resonating anymore in  5D reality.

Let us BE  BEing and Be DOing in line of that what we want to establish as the real new world that only knows equality, abundance, freedom and creation for all. Oneness and openness, open source.

Love and Light,


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