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Angela Peregoff – On Target – 4 March 2013

Have you noticed that change is occurring everywhere? Certainly we can say that this is a time of great chaos as old paradigms and societies fall and new order begins to flow from purified debris. We are living at what surely is the most pivotal moment of human history, a time of unrivaled potential change. We must not, therefore, glance carelessly at or ignore completely the ingredients that have gathered together to form this moment in time as they are forming us. In noting these ingredients and in appreciating their impact and power, we can appreciate all the more why ordinary thinking is now inadequate as a resource for decision-making and processing the demands of our individual lives. Continue reading


4 Minutes News – Sinkhole Update, China Quake, Spaceweather – 4 March 2013

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Visionkeeper – Build Your Self Worth – 4 March 2013

appearance-funny-grandmother-favim-com-630355(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

The picture I chose for today speaks such truth. How we see ourselves is indeed what truly matters. It seems forever we have been taught that status matters, how others see us is of importance, keeping up with the Jones’ is a natural part of life. None of that matters. My Goodness, we have been told lies for so long it’s no wonder we have been stumbling along lost and without purpose. It is not an easy task to undo all of the brain washing we have under gone since birth, but we must fight hard to recoup our balance and wipe our minds clear of all of the lies. It is essential we do our inside work to become whole again, to clear out the clutter within and make free space for our new way of being to reside. At the top of our to do list should be recovering our self-worth, without it life just doesn’t work the way we want it to. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Waking Up From The Dream Suprised & Confused – 4 March 2013

Uploaded on 4 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke When I first woke up a little after 1 AM, I thought to myself, I can never share that one; yet the more I meditated on it, I realized I had to share it. I’ve never had a dream that I can remember so many scenes in the story; and it ties in with what is happening on our planet right now as greater truths are being revealed, including the OPPT. As the facts are made known, many will be surprised, and feel confused. Many secrets will no longer be secrets! The truth will astound most! Let me share what I just experienced in the dream and pondered in the meditation.

Irma Kaye – Healing Suggestions For The Pisces Stellium Of March, 2013 – 4 March 2013

Irma kaye sawyer

Hello friends. For the month of March we are still in the influence of the Pisces stellium (three or more planets in the same sign.) They are for the moment: Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Chiron (planetoid,) and Venus. Sun, Mars and Venus will be moving on relatively soon, while the others will remain longer. With such a strong Piscean influence, we have a unique healing opportunity to access deep subconscious information that may not always be readily available to our conscious mind. The astral highway is definitely busier than usual right now, so proper grounding and centering practices are highly recommended for all, especially those that are actively participating in spiritual healing work. Continue reading

Judith Dageley – Message From The Celestial Team – More Power Tools For You, Beloved! – 4 March 2013

celestialteam judith dagleyWe greet you with frequencies of Love for all that You are, Beloved!

Indeed, there is no greater purpose for our message than to carry our frequencies of Love to you. Our Love for you is gently enfolded within the words, so all you need do is breathe them in. More, the words, themselves, are chosen for their abilities to be encoded with our Love. Even more, we choose word combinations that, when used together, form tiny wormholes through which you can access our Love as your very Own Love. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – Message To Humanity … How Do You See The New World? – 4 March 2013

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Anonymous – A New Message: Free Energy Will Free Humanity – 4 March 2013

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Wes Annac – Astral Travels – Communing With Archangel Michael And His Angelic Legion – 4 March 2013


Meline Lafont: Melchizedek ~ A Huge Shift has Occurred Together With a Cleansing in the Hearts of All of YouThe following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter. Thanks to Meline Lafont for the photo.

This week, we are going to receive a message from Archangel Michael in a special way. As we have previously, we are going to meet up with Michael and His legion, and I will act as a conduit for Him to bring forth a communication. I have recently received the idea to meet up with Michael and channel his guidance for this week’s exercise, and I do not know what he plans to say or do specifically. I guess we will see! Continue reading

Poof – Electricity In The Air – 4 March 2013

pt1220_poof_logoGreetings and Salutations:

As quiet as it’s gotten, the excitement in the air is quite palpable. Rv is in the high octave range now…something is afoot. Funny how the new treasury guy went thru the senate so fast, he does know what he’s doing and has experience. He knows all about the rvs going on in the world, as well as, prosperity programs, global settlements, and the necessary deep changes to happen in the [US]. He’s all for it. In the years to come, many grand children will hear about this unbelievable shift planet wide. We’re all going at once. Some kicking and screaming. Sometimes man’s free will is confronted with an issue, it can do nothing but flow with it. For some this is like a dose of castor oil…unpleasant but good for you. lololol Continue reading