Salvador Russo – Saturn Retrograde : The Prophecy Of The Popes – 4 March 2013

fede20_75bfb404da35c317a7d65c6fc32c2655At the dawning of our Golden Age we find ourselves beneath the first Saturn retrograde.  As Saturn’s transit enacts global alchemy, which is the gradual transmutation of worldly circumstances, we will soon witness a profound reckoning and rebirth of global proportions with effects to be easily perceived as both prophetic and supernatural.  At the core of this period, which is active from February 18th until July 8th, will be the beginning of the Apocalypse of Babylon, that system of evil which for a time held authority on the Earth.  Contrary to common fears over Saturn’s transit, this retrograde will bestow plagues upon those who serve evil while those who serve God enjoy blessing, healing, and empowerment.  And now, let us begin this journey by revisiting a prophecy from times past…

The Whore of Babylon

This retrograde period is of biblical significance to the world because we will see a certain prophecy become fulfilled during its time.  The mystery of the Whore of Babylon, first introduced to the world in St. John’s Book of Revelation, unfolds in Rome.  As St. John wrote, this “Whore” sits upon a “Beast” that has “seven heads” as “seven mountains”, and that this “Beast” has “ten horns” which are “ten kings” without kingdom.  The Seven Hills of Rome, named Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, and Viminal are the “seven heads” of this “Beast.” The prelates of the Roman Congregations, are the “ten kings” of this “Beast.”  These cardinals are the “kings”, forming the governing council of the Vatican, which was described further in Revelation as “that great city which reigns over the kings of the Earth.”  There are three false Congregations which the Vatican has created to veil this truth in order to deter discovery, to no avail.  The truth is that The Whore of Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church.

The Prophecy of the Popes

Since the beginning of time all things have been known, to include the names of every pope to ever live.  In centuries past a revelation was given to the venerable St. Malachy of Ireland, who received the names of every future pope by divine inspiration.  This sacred knowledge has been cast away and mocked by the Vatican who fears it, but the time has come for its great fulfillment.  In this prophecy St. Malachy wrote that the final pope, who will come beyond the time of Benedict XVI, will bear the name “Peter.” He further described this man as “the Roman.”  At present the world is in awe that Benedict XVI has recently announced his sudden resignation.  It was foretold by St. Malachy that Benedict’s papacy would end this year – many are unaware of this.  The greatest worldly event that we will witness during Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio will be the rise of Peter as the next and final pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  The significance of this is beyond description because as the prophecy foretold, Peter will be the one to end the Church and commence the Apocalypse of Babylon.  Did you see the lightning strike?

Coming Changes

During these 141 Saturn retrograde days  we will see the following types of things happening in the world:  systemic collapses within the global financial system, restructuring of economic blocs, massive debt relief, especially within third world nations, riveting, criminally-oriented political disclosures, high-profile oustings, chaos within currency markets, abandoning of religious institutions because of grotesque revelations, deconstruction of despotic geopolitical alliances, deaths within the masonic leadership, unmasking of great conspiracies connected to finance, food, and medicine, a crippling of prominent exchange markets, a resurgence of faith in God because of remarkable worldly signs, and the overthrow of totalitarian regimes, agencies, and individuals.  All of these things will carry a heavy sense of fear among those involved, to the extent of incapacitation in the more extreme cases.  The days where dark things advanced unchecked have come to an end.


On an individual level we will have experiences focused upon these archetypal themes: transformation, exposure, crime, conspiracy, fear, power struggles, retaliation, manipulation, vengeance, psychology, disease and disorder, resource sharing and exchange, debt, secrecy, deception, survival, sex and sexuality, drugs, addiction, obsession, regeneration, purification, empowerment, revelation, literal and metaphorical death and rebirth, the paranormal, the supernatural, the sacred, initiation, and self-mastery.  Within these domains we will be tested, reckoned, and initiated into higher states of consciousness.  The nature and magnitude of our experiences will reflect our own vibration as the cosmos reflects who we are back into our life experiences.  Embracing the challenges and using them to enable astonishingly positive life transformations is the ideal course.  It is no secret that the trials of life can serve us in profoundly beautiful ways.

Have No Fear

The foremost lesson that we are to learn while Saturn transits Scorpio is how to transmute Light from darkness, within ourselves, our lives, and our world.  We are tested to do this with restricted means to ensure that we totally integrate the experiences as part of our soul’s development.  Saturn’s transit is not one to fear but one to respect and honor through willful adaptation to extraordinary circumstances.  In reality a small percentage of people have the will and endurance to see through their challenges, which is a fatal spiritual mistake, and one that follows through this life and carries into others.  Some spend many lives running from the same test thinking foolishly that God would accept a half-hearted effort to a test that He has deemed necessary for their soul’s evolution.  We should all recognize Saturn and its synchronous tests as requirements by God to ascend in His kingdom.  For this reason, awareness of Saturn’s transit and its impact on our lives is of paramount importance.

Transit Keys

If you are reading these words it is not by accident.  There is a certain resonance between this knowledge and your own individual place and trajectory within the Divine plan.  With this in mind here are some valuable things that will help you manifest the greatest possible potentials during and beyond this retrograde:  wearing amethyst, as it will transmute the negative influence of Saturn, knowing that events of relief and empowerment will always come as planets make aspect to Saturn, exchanging goods and services of value that you possess to secure things of necessity, private bartering, the responsible use of material resources, the sharing of goods to save life from death, incurring debt for the livelihood of others, bearing hardships for the innocent, detoxifying the mind, body, and spirit, abstaining from non-romantic sex, never lying, denying the ego, detaching from all harmful relationships, and embracing sacred things.  Saturn requires adaptation.  Those of us who can do this will enjoy the brightest futures.

The Innocent

Toward the latter portion of Saturn’s retrograde a titanic alignment will form between Saturn and Neptune, which transits Pisces.  This influence will become active during the middle of May and remain until the third week of August.  These combined energies will deliver grace and mercy to the innocent and forgotten souls who suffer throughout the world in the most deplorable, disgraceful circumstances.  Those who have been stricken by the plagues of hunger, poverty, misery, hopelessness, fear, and despair will enjoy great relief that will save life and bring promise of a brighter future.  Every nation will experience this, what I can only describe as Divine mercy and unconditional love, because in truth our world has been under assault from evil for centuries.  The time has come for dramatic healing and no one is forgotten.  To the children without love, care, water, food, family, or shelter – these energies are coming for you.  To those who labor to serve the least of them – these energies are coming for you.  And to those who have created these detestable conditions – these energies are also coming for you.

Supernatural Rebirth

Egotism is in decline the world over because of the energies active on our planet.  Throughout this year, and especially during Saturn’s retrograde, people will value and question the spiritual role of our Earthly lives more than ever before.  The circumstances will demand it.  As Earth’s transition continues we will all notice that some people will rise and others will fall.  As people contemplate in secret or amongst themselves, majorities will conclude that the determining factor is one’s spiritual quality.  Heaven is descending into the Earth, every day, with nature’s pace, and every day our world is changing into an ascended planet.  Some call it a shift, others a transition, I call it a supernatural rebirth.  I do so because we will see things happen which will defy our former sense of natural, within our lives and within the world.  Our future will require us to redefine our concept of what is natural as we observe and accept undeniably Divine forces at work on the Earth and in our lives.  We are moving into a time where the impossible happens.

The Rock

The first eclipse of 2013 will occur at the approximate midpoint of Saturn’s retrograde.  It will be a solar eclipse that will happen on May 9th in the House of Taurus.  It will serve as a tide-turning event and a cosmic trigger for rapid material growth to enter our lives, contrasting the austerity that Saturn’s influence effects.  This means that beyond the 9th of May those aligned with God and His will for our Earth will enjoy and receive material abundance that will allow for the building of stronger life foundations, forms of healing, and nourishment for desired things and tastes.  The purpose is dual, however, as this eclipse also foretells of the coming impoverishing of the spiritually destitute.  This will be a time where great transferences of material wealth will race throughout our world so look to the month of May for the Earth element to find you in abundance and for the results to be rock solid.  Keep in mind that Saturn remains in Scorpio until December of 2014, so be wise with what comes.

Karmic History

Within the cosmic order there are natural periods where the mysteries of our karmic past are permitted to resurface into our consciousness.  These natural periods coincide with planetary retrogrades so we can all expect that at certain times we will become reacquainted with the more profound elements of our soul’s journey.  In specific I am referring to the recall of memories from our most important past-lives, the assimilation of long-lost wisdom from these past-lives, great assumptions, acceptances, and healings based upon the happenings of our past-lives, and in this present life, unrelenting dredging of all things which have been left unreckoned.  The profound past will come to the fore that all manners of extraordinary good may come from it.  Nothing is forgotten and history repeats in evolved circumstances.  Life changing disclosures will be intimate to this retrograde, so expect them and welcome them as the catalyzing forces that they will be.

Charting Saturn

We live in times where we needn’t live blindly to the happenings in the cosmos.  I will always be a passionate advocate that every human being needs to have the horoscope of their birth that they may always see with their own eyes how life on Earth unfolds as it is in Heaven.  With your horoscope in hand you can see clearly where Saturn’s transit is effecting your life and with this knowledge you can adapt yourself in accordance and succeed where you might otherwise fail.  In the scripture we were taught that “the Heavens declare the glory of God” and that He created them “for signs and for seasons.”  My wish is that every human being learns to use astrology as I believe it was always intended: as a profound tool of enlightenment that leads one into liberty, destiny, and a divine future.

Divine Science

Astrology will rise with time, as will our collective consciousness.  It is something that has been long feared by our adversaries.  They have tried to depict astrology as either evil or trivial while they hoarded it for themselves, but the truth is that astrology is sacred and my proof is sealed in this work.  I ask that if you have read this work entirely you observe as these themes and events come to be and that you think for yourselves, as you look upon the night sky, if you sense anything remotely evil bearing down on us from the celestial sphere.  Some confuse the use of astrology with the worship of stars, something which is a grotesque distortion.  Astrology was created for us to use to ascend in God’s universal kingdom.  It is the order of life and it secures our world from chaos.  Nature’s pace is cosmic – it follows the course of our luminaries.  To me it is the most beautiful system that one can perceive and with passion and diligence I will explain this science to the best of my ability.

I Bid You Adieu

As Jupiter treks through Gemini true, blessings will come by one and by two.  A transit to treasure, for grace and good measure, in Egypt they measured the heart to the feather.  Great secrets are coming to us in good timing, I’ll sneek two within these words while I’m rhyming.  The wise will set sail on water for time, to mirror the transits set so sublime.  Amethyst keeps my promise to you, wear it and water will flow into you.  The next we’ll call dos as it’s second to this, look to the sun and have golden iris.  With light in the mind, it’s not hard to miss, a life filled with joy and perpetual bliss.  The prophets of old shine in these times, they knew things before them, just look and you’ll find.  The sun blinks in Taurus in May of this year, a time of abundance, for laughs and for cheer.  This year is blessed from the throne set high, to those rebels I wonder: why even try?  The course has been set, there is no escaping, Saturn will see that our world keeps reshaping.  No man can bend the rings of this titan, unless you’ve found favor, then aim on for Triton.  With no need to frighten, techniques have been given, its true we must learn to live in His rhythm.

Sol Invictus,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

I want my readership to know that I myself was born and raised into Roman Catholicism.  In no way am I connecting men and women of good faith and living with the crimes and evil that has taken the Church leadership.  This distinction is important to me because I understand the gravity of my message.  We live in times of awakening and sometimes they can be quite intense.  But remember, there are times for everything in life, including for the hard truths to be told.  This is one of those times, take it from an astrologer.  I leave you in peace.

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