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The Podcast Pit -The Joe Rogan Experience Show – Brian Redban – Interview With Steven Greer – 5 March 2013

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Mel Ve – Free E-Book – The South African Guide To The Global Conspiracy – 5 March 2013

184189_10150729516435104_2819984_aMel Ve is well-known from Freedom Central Radio as a host but also she is an author and  a well accomplished researcher. The latest radio interview with Heather, one of the trustees of the One People’s  Public Trust 1776, has been shared after airing the show, via you tube far and wide over the world.  It is  recommended to listen to the radio shows also spread via Finding Voices Radio. You can find the links on my blog’s  website main page.

Mel has made her book : ” The South African Guide To The Global Conspiracy” in an e-book format free for all available by a download link.  Please read and share it, she has written it to educate and inform you all. She says : LOVE YOU ALL XX

Here is the download link :  http://www.freedomcentral.info/documents/sa_guide_to_the_global_conspiracy.pdf

Thanks Mel for sharing, Lucas

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Méline Lafont – My Galactic Experience And Dreams, My Message To You All – 5 March 2013

dreamsHi everyone,

Galactic energies and Galactic Presences are present on our beloved Earth, in our reality and in ourselves.  This is very clear more than ever and it cannot be denied anymore, at least that is my personal opinion and experience.  I have had so many Galactic experiences that I decided to share them all with you; dreams, real experiences in daytime, in conscious ways….  I am as excited as you all are and it is also one of my missions to bring things out about the Galactics and to work on disclosure so this is what I am going to do now, bringing out my personal experiences to begin with.. Continue reading

Just A Reminder – “The World…Is A Business Mr Beale” – 5 March 2013

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Brenda Hoffman – The Universes Are Gifting A ‘Get OUt Of Jail Free’ Card – 5 March 2013

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Summary of Brenda’s February 24, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: You’re becoming comfortable with your emotional and spiritual beings. It’s now time to do the same with your physical being. Many wish to shift to dimensions that do not include a physical body. Your physical body is a gift you have ignored or even disliked for eons. Continue reading

Dean Clifford – Released – Free Energy – Peoples Trust (OPPT) – Massive Exposures Worldwide – 5 March 2013

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The Pleiadians- Our DNA Helped Form Many of You – 5 March 2013


Someone asked the scribe the other day how people get drawn to us, or even interested in connecting with us.  We would like to answer this question.

Your lineage stems from the native beings that resided here and us (as well as a few other cosmic lineages).  When you return to a certain vibration, you often begin to remember this without evening realizing it, and then you are drawn to us…essentially drawn back to your roots, to your “inner home” so to speak.  We wait until you summon us as we do not wish to push your remembering or your evolution.  But, when those are ready to remember all that you are, all the gifts, and limitless multidimensional abilities, we come in to adjust, heal, download, and ignite all that you came from.

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WakeUpWorld – Andy Whiteley – Open Letter To The Prime Minster Of “Commom Wealth Of Australia” Regarding The One People’s Public Trust ( OPPT) – 5 March 2013


On 25th December 2012 the Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust announced the conclusion of a series of UCC filings which ordered the foreclosure of corporations and corporate-governments, and the repossession of their assets. Now, over 10 weeks later, the UCC filings remain unrebutted and – more importantly – totally unacknowledged by the former governments they terminated. Continue reading

Ariah Velasquez – 16 Things We Can Do To Experience Life As the New Earth – 5 March 2013


We now live in the New Earth, and there are some changes we can make through our own intent and focus to really feel the shift.  I have noticed some themes that we can live by that help create a real feeling that we are resonating and vibrating in the 5th dimension.

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Amateur Beats Gov’t at Digitizing Newspapers: Tom Tryniski’s Weird, Wonderful Website – 5 March 2013

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