Fran Zepeda – Sananda: You Are An Aspect of Creator – 4 March 2013


Greetings my dear Soul Beings, keepers of the Christ Consciousness in your very being. I am Sananda at your service, as you are also, to all Beings on Earth and beyond.

It is time to re-orient yourselves into your new Reality, my dear ones. I say re-orient because of course as you know, you are already, as you have always been, magnificent Souls of God Consciousness, of the Divine Consciousness of Creator of All That Is. You are just realizing that identity, and also manifesting that identity, into your Reality more and more as you receive the new energies and re-orient yourselves into what you have always been.

The time is Now to fully orient and experience that essential part of you, dear ones, in everything you do, think and say, for you are the Masters of your Universe, the creators of your Soul’s experiences, as you know already.

The expansion of your energies to date has been immense and you are integrating the incoming energies nicely. We have seen such progress with you as you allow and surrender to receiving the new energies and engulf them and integrate them in each moment.

It is truly a beautiful sight to see, as we observe your pulsing energies glimmer and sparkle as they expand and adapt to the new milieu of energies being presented to you as we speak. Harken to what is being offered, receive what is being offered, with full and present abandon.

My dear Souls, the time is nigh to throw away your concerns with where you are going and to be present with the ride, with the full impact of the ride and the insurgence of Pure Light Energies being offered to you.

I take you in my stride and in my heart and guide you to your new illustrious beginnings, in progress now, the beginnings of what really has always been there for you, but just hidden. You are being exposed more fully to it dear ones: to the Divine totality of your very Being, so majestic and full of the Divine Essence of Creator that your Soul is made of, as it integrates with your physical being and becomes one with it.

Take a moment now to ponder this, dear ones: Do you know that your Soul’s energies are part and parcel of Creator? Do you know that your Soul’s energies are becoming more and more available and accessible and present as you allow and surrender to the new energies being made available to you for your immediate taking and integration? Are you truly and essentially aware of that? Are you open to this Truth? Are you open to this Reality? Are you open to the wonders it will bring you as you accept and allow it to manifest within your very Being?

I trust that many of you are. And I trust that you are also becoming acclimated to it all as if you are trying on a new suit of clothing. It may feel strange at first, but lo and behold, it soon becomes a comfortable part of you.

My dear ones, if you could see yourselves from our perspective, you would be astounded. For now you may be too close, as to “not see the forest for the trees”, to coin a phrase, but that will change as well and your orientation will be much different, much more encompassing and expansive as is our orientation, for you are just like us, and it just takes awareness to develop for it to be more apparent.

For now, suffice to say that you are coming along superbly and it will just take patience and acceptance of the process, for you are well on your way to completion of this next phase of ascension, well on your way to discovering your True Selves, your beautiful Souls, unique unto themselves but also so connected and part of Source.

Can you feel it? Are you beginning to feel it? Are you allowing yourselves to accept it? Excellent!

My dear souls, I congratulate you on coming this far, and I commend you for continuing on this unprecedented journey of ascending in your physical bodies, of coming back to your True Selves as angels and messengers and aspects of Creator,  as we in the Celestial Realm are aspects; we are just waiting for you to fully realize it.

I bid you adieu for now. You have my complete and undying respect and adoration and of course support, as I am always at your service.

I Am Sananda

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)


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