Just A Reminder – “The World…Is A Business Mr Beale” – 5 March 2013

Uploaded 25 January 2013  by Senseidave82

Michael Tellinger takes on the banks – The world was meant to be free

“The world…is a business Mr Beale”

Find out more at: http://michaeltellinger.com/ubuntu-co…
Documents: http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/p/docum…

What will you do?

Special thanks to those truly exceptional human beings who have stood for the cause of truth, freedom, peace and true progress against tremendous adversity. Your efforts have inspired many including myself, they have demonstrated to the powers that were that their time of illusory power has come to an end, and those efforts past and present are most definitely not in vain. We are with you, and we love you.


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