Mel Ve – Free E-Book – The South African Guide To The Global Conspiracy – 5 March 2013

184189_10150729516435104_2819984_aMel Ve is well-known from Freedom Central Radio as a host but also she is an author and  a well accomplished researcher. The latest radio interview with Heather, one of the trustees of the One People’s  Public Trust 1776, has been shared after airing the show, via you tube far and wide over the world.  It is  recommended to listen to the radio shows also spread via Finding Voices Radio. You can find the links on my blog’s  website main page.

Mel has made her book : ” The South African Guide To The Global Conspiracy” in an e-book format free for all available by a download link.  Please read and share it, she has written it to educate and inform you all. She says : LOVE YOU ALL XX

Here is the download link :

Thanks Mel for sharing, Lucas



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