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Lisa Gawlas – The Black Hole, The Will Of Desire/NonDesire And YOU! – 5 March 2013

sygnux-black-holeBefore I start today’s sharing, I want to bring clarity to something I feel I left kinda confusing yesterday.  The sentence of: “If just your presence alone is creating such a gravitational pull on the fears and worries of anyone around you, you’re gonna end up pissing more people off than getting hugs from. Celebrate this!!” Continue reading

Truck Driver Entering Underground City Beneath US. 2013 – 5 March 2013

Uploaded on 3 March 2013 by seektruthandwisdom Interview with truck driver who is entering underground U.S. City and roadway system that stretches for thousands of miles beneath the U.S. The driver says he dropped off from Ozarks base to the state of Maine about 1400-1500 miles. Thanks to Project Camelot for information. Credit: Awakened Warrior Of Truth http://vimeo.com/user15212358

3 Minutes News – Solar Update – 5 March 2013

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Venizelos – ‘Schauble Conspired To Try And Scupper Greek Bailout, Force Grexit’ – 5 March 2013

venipiggyThree days ago, Greek friends of every hue bombarded me with news of the attempt by Evangelos Venizelos (left) to present himself as Greece’s Davy Crocket. The Fat One did this by accusing Wolfgang Schäuble of trying to push Greece towards Grexit in August 2011 with some kind of sweetener. Most of one’s instincts would immediately think ‘Liar, liar, pants on fire’….but in just this one case, I’m not so sure. There are some quite solid grounds for thinking that – however base his motives – on this occasion Veryzealous might be at least in part telling the truth. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – We Are The Lifeguards Of Our Lives – 5 March 2013

autumn-cold-felicia-simion-girl-beautiful-photography-Favim.com-140337(Picture  by  http://www.favim.com)

I believe one of the hardest lessons many are having to learn on this journey into our new world has been the understanding that we must go a large part of the journey alone within ourselves. We live in a quick fix world where we expect someone to be there to save us with a pill or a law or handouts which has left us vulnerable and disconnected with ourselves and our abilities to cope. Suddenly we are being told there will be no rescue, no handouts, no aid. We are told we must go on our solitary journey within and begin excavating for our souls/spirits and tossing out the waste as we go along. That seems like a very tall order to many who have had to rely upon themselves very little over the years. Of course that was the intended ploy of the dark ones, to provide everything we needed so we became dependent upon them and lost our abilities to care for ourselves. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Debating The OPPT Is Not My Job! – 5 March 2013

Uploaded on 5 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Yes, I am convinced the One People’s Public Trust is the game changer we’ve all been waiting for; however, replying to critics and answering ridiculous questions from those who are buying into the disinformation about it is not a role I choose to play. Let me say this about the OPPT: there is nothing to join, nothing to sign up for, no price to pay for the information, no government created by it, no authority given for anyone to exercise over anyone else, and no belief system to which anyone must subscribe. The OPPT merely serves notice to the world that we are in a new paradigm of total freedom, total accountability and the absolute right to BE and DO according to our own freewill choices, provided we do not harm another. It puts Earth under the Natural Law of our Creator that is summed up in all major religions as the golden rule, however expressed, other than: he who has the gold makes the rules, which is very old paradigm.

Ron Head – Today We Will Speak About Health And What You Term Ascension Symptoms – 5 March 2013


Today we will speak about health and what you term ascension symptoms.

The energies which are being sent to your  environment, and those which your planet is passing through, are causing minor discomforts in some, major discomforts in others, and still others, though few, are experiencing real pain. Continue reading

Krista Raisa – Being In Your Purpose Feat. Arcturus Ra – 5 March 2013

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Dana Mrkich – Gods And Guns – 5 March 2013

DanaMrkichThis week we have a Guest Blog by Susan Birden. Susan emailed me with this last month and I loved it! The style reminded me of the Dr Seuss-like Rhyming Stories that came through me some years ago (check out here and scroll down to 2007).  This is Susan’s first poem, and she will be reading your comments here so please let her know what you think!

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Laura Bruno – Timothy Glenn – Pisces Gets Loaded – 5 March 2012

laura brunoYay! Another update from my Astrologer friend, Tim Glenn. Get ready for off the charts Piscean energy. This article’s a bit more technical than usual, but he gives us both specifics and a panoramic view of how this upcoming New Moon prepares us for “the Grandest of Trines” in July 2013. Many thanks, as always, to Tim. Enjoy!

Pisces Gets Loaded
New Moon Plus: March 11, 2013 Continue reading