The Pleiadians- Our DNA Helped Form Many of You – 5 March 2013


Someone asked the scribe the other day how people get drawn to us, or even interested in connecting with us.  We would like to answer this question.

Your lineage stems from the native beings that resided here and us (as well as a few other cosmic lineages).  When you return to a certain vibration, you often begin to remember this without evening realizing it, and then you are drawn to us…essentially drawn back to your roots, to your “inner home” so to speak.  We wait until you summon us as we do not wish to push your remembering or your evolution.  But, when those are ready to remember all that you are, all the gifts, and limitless multidimensional abilities, we come in to adjust, heal, download, and ignite all that you came from.

Some who have yet to remember may find our information as odd or strange.  It may seem like some silly story that was made up for those that despise the mundane aspects of human life.  And we knew some would do this, which is why we left behind markings in Egypt and other places.  We left these for the skeptical and also for those who need help to remember.

We came to your planet in a tumultuous way crashing down.  We planned to come and assist for we heard this planet had much potential.  And yet, we did not plan on staying in the way we did consciously.  This made us stay much longer than we had planned. We ultimately realized we were here for a purpose. The purpose of blending, teaching, and uniting.   In order to assist here we would need to teach and unite with the native peoples of this land.  On a soul level, we did this out of love for all life.  We saw that you could grow into beings that experienced much growth and joy if you had just a little bit of our DNA and cellular coding.  And so we began to blend our lineages and now, you are here today.

We sense in many of you this longing for something you cannot quite put your finger on.  It is a way  of life and an understanding of divinity, oneness, and peace.  It is a type of life that we taught you to live honoring all your relations and community.  And so we see that as other lineages came to blend and experiment on the human form, other types of behaviors formed.  We see in those that your bloodline trace back to us, that the way some may act is foreign to you and confusing.  Know this is because you have developed senses, an extremely empathic existence, and deep desire for peace.  You know that life can be this way for we live this way. You are here now to do what we did for you: to teach others to live in a loving, empathic way in which actions taken are for the good of all.  Please know the infusion of this into your world is very close. Many humano-pleiadian, which is what we call you actually, are remembering and not tolerating the reality and consciousness that is for the purpose of harm, control, manipulation, and judgment.  You are alive at this very time for the purpose of bringing about the true revelation, not the distorted revelation in which only pain and suffering end your land. The true revelation is the bringing about of the prophecies which speak of the dark ones (all those who choose conscious living for self-serving and harm) actions beginning to back fire.  This is why Gaia, the sweet, grand being that is Earth, is reacting. She absorbs the energies that backfire out of love and affection for all life.  The revelation is the awakening of all people and actually those “having” a revelation. The revelation is the awareness of life as joyful, and impulsing light to all that is.  The revelation is the knowing that we are one and living in peace and harmony.  You are here to help bring about the cosmic understanding now more than ever.  It is all so very exciting and we thank you for coming back here into body over and over again even though you at times longed to come home to us, to the 7 sister planets, where we have already established this way.  But you came here anyway for you saw some had lost there way.  Yet, your planet has so much potential to live in love and light, we would not leave you behind…leave you as you say on your planet “high and dry”. We are brothers and sisters and of course, we care about what happens to you. And you care too. So, with the blessings you bring to others in this incarnation, comes your harmony and balance, for you know  you are living your life purpose. Carry on with grace and strength.  It is time for all you have been waiting for.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.,

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