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Breaking The Illusion Of Limitation – 6 March 2013

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Dan Mrkich – Energy Update – Feeling Of Compression – 6 March 2013

DanaMrkichThere is a feeling of pressure in the air, as if something is about to (or needs to) burst, explode or release. You may be physically feeling this as a pressure on your chest (heart area). Emotionally you might be feeling like you’re on a short fuse, walking on a thin wire between keeping it together and feeling utterly frazzled.

Visually I’m seeing a huge amount of ‘new energy’ coming in and compressing the ‘old’ energy, forcing it up (from under the carpet) and out. This is a positive thing, but depending which part of the wave you are surfing in any given moment it can feel either very suffocating and restrictive, or incredibly exciting and liberating. There is no right or wrong with whatever you’re feeling. The fact of the matter is that everything that is not harmonious with the world we are here to create is being pushed up into greater awareness right now.  Continue reading


Laura Bruno – No, It’s Not Just You! – 6 March 2013

laura brunoI’ve got a busy day of sessions ahead of me, but I felt called to post an acknowledgment:

If you’re feeling weepy, intense, overwhelmed, terrified of seemingly dire health issues, horrified at recent government/NWO moves, and/or just wondering if all your dreams and progress are merely an illusion … you’re in excellent company. Continue reading

Lee Harris – Energy Forecast March 2013 – Opening To Your Multi-Dimensionality – 6 March 2013

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Lisa Gawlas – The New Light Body Takes Form As The Waves Of Evolution Speed Up! – 6 March 2013

tree-of-life-tentaclesWe have embarked on an extraordinary journey together. Magical, mysterious and it is going to feel like we just entered school to learn something that is so brand new to us. There really is something extraordinary being born into us.  But, before I get to that… Continue reading

Serco – The Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of (Mirror) – 6 March 2013

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Meredith Murphy – The Gifts Of The Void, Collaboration And Connection – 6 March 2013

MeredithMurphyThe Shift …through 2012 and into this new space, left many us is in a the void. Big-time!

We may have sensed or received glimpses of what we may want to do or create, yet there has been a lot of incoming energy to process and not so much movement.   Continue reading

4 Minutes News – Ice Age, Methane, Spaceweather – 6 March 2013

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Visionkeeper – Freedom – 6 March 2013

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I started thinking yesterday about freedom and what the world will be like when we are ALL truly free and the dark ones have been banished from existence. I am thinking that we need to be preparing ourselves right now to be free. It sounds exciting and something we have all dreamed about coming true, but in reality how prepared are we really for being free? Are we like the circus animals whose cages have been opened but the animals remain inside for fear of leaving the confinement they have always known? I believe the best place to start is by learning to free our minds. Once we do that everything else will slowly follow. Our minds are where the shackles really exist. It seems to be hardest obstacle for us to get beyond thanks in part to the years of constant conditioning we have all endured. We can change locations and adapt well over time, but changing our beliefs is a whole other issue entirely. It is one we need to deal with. Continue reading

John Ward – Leaked Scottish Oil Paper – ‘Start Of A Spoiler Campaign To Stop The SNP’s Advance’ – Sources – Murdoch v Carmelot Heads North Of The Border – 6 March 2013

John WardThe SNP Government of Alex Salmond is scrambling around desperately, engaged in a frantic damage limitation exercise after a confidential discussion document was leaked to the BBC suggesting volatility in Scottish Government oil income would be a major problem if independence is achieved. Whitehall sources claimed this morning that the leak was politically motivated, and the start of a spoiler campaign as the Independence Referendum approaches. Continue reading