Lisa Gawlas – The New Light Body Takes Form As The Waves Of Evolution Speed Up! – 6 March 2013

tree-of-life-tentaclesWe have embarked on an extraordinary journey together. Magical, mysterious and it is going to feel like we just entered school to learn something that is so brand new to us. There really is something extraordinary being born into us.  But, before I get to that…

There are more and more people moving into their “alignment” within the black hole area of their life.  The first couple of readings on the field showed us that with spirit saying the next “wave” is preparing to go thru the portal and there will be more and more waves as we continue thru this month, the speed and assimilation picking up faster and faster.   If you start to feel dizzy this month, just sit down, hold on tight and enjoy the acceleration!!

I had also became vividly aware that my antenna is still very much-needed for those still making the journey thru the black hole into the galaxy of the heart.   My tentacles cannot pick up imagery or information prior to that transition.  At the same time, those who have made their way thru the black hole, my antenna picks up nothing, it can only be seen and experienced from the heart tentacles.

After the first few readings watching beautiful souls make the alignment and transition thru the black hole of their life… I connected to a new lady (someone I never read for before) who just happens to live in the same area code as my Dad.  I know the density, the old energy construct that is PA, I lived there for the first 32 years of my life.  So to see someone from that area, even understand what I write about, shot an excitement thru me like happy zingers!!

Then, Holy cow batman!!  There she was, pure crystal clear orbital Being-ness with these baby tentacles piercing their way thru the (what I call) amniotic sac!!  Just being in this experience with her, was right close to orgasmic!!  Suddenly I realized exactly how we open that protective, life enhancing sac (that really isn’t a sac)… it is the development and use of those tentacles !

To say she was surprised that she was in this state of Being would be an understatement!!  So lets talk about this amazing evolution of the heart and what it really means to be Here.  This space we call the galaxy of the heart, is a Light Field, a Love Field.  It is a vibrational way of being purely and unconditionally in a state of Love.  The true state of your Soul energy.  It has absolutely thing at all to do with how many or how little “spiritual skills” you have developed, which was her quandary  how could see be in this orbital field without having developed meditation, or her inner sight, or hearing, or anything else we humans have a tendency to look at and say “their advanced” or more capable.

A three-year old who can sit down and play the piano like an expert pianist doesn’t make that three-year old knowledgeable about how to live life on his own or even the greater expanse of what to do with his innate ability.  He plays because he can.  Same thing with out spiritual skills… many people developed them in previous lifetimes, or took to task the development in this lifetime without the full clearing of the heart field.

I remember when Franklyn or  Sananda and the rest of my teachers in my beginning started to pour messages thru my fingertips, they never talked about anything other than Love and Trust.  Ever.  Hell, they made sure that I was not able to “practice” any of my still developing skills out there in the world until I reached a clearer vibration within my heart (three years later.)  Of course, I didn’t realize that at the time.  But the more I see our present moment, the more and more I am understanding and appreciating my own beginnings.  (I had a very very strict inner team!!)

Let me tell you, I couldn’t handle the pure energy connection of tentacle to tentacle thru this lady.  I could barely stay in body or the reading itself just having my own tentacles 6 inches away from her.  It was too exciting, literally.  A pure and exhilaration energy exchange.  which I needed!!

My insanity let loose calendar somehow allowed 4 one hour readings and a 30 minute reading all on the same day.  I can barely handle two hours in this new light field, close to five should have had me gasping for air.  My first reading was at 7am and my last one started at 2pm and I was still dancing on sunshine and CLEARLY too, I didn’t even break a sweat!!  That alone is a miracle lol.

If great didn’t just get greater!!

My next lady… phew baby.  The first thing I had seen was this really huge yellow bow sitting on top of her clear orbital field within her heart galaxy.  I couldn’t take my eyes and attention off that bow… what the hell is that all about??  Not a word from the field.  Dammit!!

A gift… of course.  Yellow.. a soul gift, sure.  But what…?

As my (still developing use of) tentacles wrapped around her heart field it was only then I could see these wisps of blue, white and black energy in the center of her clear heart galaxy, aligned directly under the yellow bow.   To my processing Being, these wisps made no sense, I had no clue what I was expected to see and understand with them.  They were undefined and really not even connected to each other.  So I let out a sound of frustration “would someone help me here!!”  Suddenly and quite unexpectedly one of my tentacles pierced thru her amniotic sac and made its way to her wispy colors inside.  Then, this autopilot tentacle of mine (I sure wasn’t doing this on my own) started kind of like a tickle motion in her whips of color.. or maybe like stirring a cup of coffee.  The next thing I know, these wisps of energy started to gather into themselves, they started to blend together and create a blob like form.  What the hell did I just do??  Yikes!!

As this mass of blue, black and white energy started its coagulation together, the next thing I witness (with intense awe) was an appearance of a color that kind of reminds of  a cross between red, maroon and salmon making its own color spectrum.  It was creating a porous looking neck line.  All I kept thinking as I was witnessing this growth in her was it looked like a turkey neck, only completely straight.

That blue, black and white blob was now looking very “torso” like.

Then my inner sight was taken to under the torso like development and I started to see the formation of two stick figure-like legs and feet but made of a soft glowing white with some dimension to it.  They weren’t completely 2 dimensional, but weren’t fully developed like legs and feet yet either.

I just witnessed this in complete awe… I still wasn’t a 100% sure what was happening, but man oh man I was exhilarated to bear witness to this whole, miraculous event!!  Then, if strange and wonderful didn’t get more strange and wonderful!

As I was finding myself more and more referring to that development of the blue, white and black energy as a torso, suddenly what looked like really soft pastel colored jelly beans started to emerge from this torso place and create a line that lead to the amniotic sac.  Please know, these were not jelly beans lol, but the size and shape reminded me of them.  There was a tiny space between each one, and the moment the furthest most jelly bean connected to the right side of her inner sac thingie… all of a sudden a network of energy that really looked like blood vessels within a body started growing from the space in between the jelly beans… like a root system of something and they connected to various areas of her sac all around her towards the front.

I realized I was given the gift, the profound gift of watching, completely bearing witness to our new Light Body’s.  I started to call her my “sea monkey” as I remembered back in my childhood days, they would sell these things called sea monkeys with the hook of “watch them grow right before your eyes.”  I was doing just that with her!  Holy Heaven even!!

And then the understanding all fell into place.  Her torso was made of the new earth.  The network of veins were developing her tentacles from the heart of her new torso.  The neck was made of the energy of the new earth (I had wondered where the red had gone.)  Her Light Legs will carry her forward for full use and experience in this amazing new Light world we are now living in.

I realized, there was not going to be a head in all of this new body stuff.  Instantly I heard the field say… of course not.  The “mental galaxy” also creates the need for “identity” and therefore, not a part of this new game.

Where there is no sense of identity, then ALL is equal and relevant/reverent to All Life, even those still cloaked in their darkness.

As I looked at her amazing and very weird-looking new headless body, I suddenly realized she also has no arms either.  I could also feel: nor was she (we) going to develop any either.  That is why we have tentacles!!  They are what we will use in sooooooo many areas of our experience.

So then we focused in on those developing tentacles.  I know they are vastly important.  She equally knew too… suddenly she said, maybe these tentacles are the development of our multidimensional aspects.  Holy Bulls-eye Batman!!  I could feel the explosion of truth within me.  Of course and that actually makes soooo much sense to me now.

The few things I have understood just in (really just watching) my own use of tentacles, each one is tuned to a very specific frequency.  Each one has its own ability to connect and expand within that frequency.  I cannot even count how many any of us have… it’s a lot!!  But, since the emergence of these crazy looking things that now do the readings, there have only been three that actually do anything.  And trust me, I have no real clue how they work….yet.  That is to say, I have not developed control of how they work, the greater part of me does it all right now.  The Lisa part of me just sits back and says “holy shit!!”

I was also given the view of her as she awoke to today, her tentacles will be outside of her sac and ohhhh my goodness, it was like seeing tiny little roses as the suction cups on the tentacles   Love in its highest vibrational form.

Ohhhhh and another thing!!  (smile)   When I finally and fully realized what we were witnessing together (talk about a freakin gift!!) suddenly these tiny little lightning bolts started zapping her frontal area of her sac.  When I say tiny, each of them were about 3-4 inches long all around her front.  Suddenly, she was like a living bug zapper.  An electrical field of both protection and acceleration!!  Ain’t nuttin’ but the light

I do want to mention too, there is a very very distinct Light vibration between the energy I see with my antenna and the energy I see with my tentacles.  You can liken it to seeing everything in the regular DVD way and then changing into the HiDef Blu Ray version of seeing.

All of the energy we had seen over the last year, the metallic the intense confetti, and so much more was all part of the seed energy that would birth you to this new expression called YOU.

Now, to back this all up to the beginning of my own day.  In between my 1st and 2nd appointments I had some time to just have a moment to myself.  So, I sat on my couch, and pondered.  Suddenly, again, right before my eyeballs, in my living room, this amazing huge white vortex looking thingie just became present.  It was from floor to ceiling and about 10 feet wide at the top.  As I wondered what it is, instantly I was reminded of the dateline I was given in that dream about circles and triangles completing March 5th.  (To read the sharing about that, just click here)   Well today is March 5th… but what on earth could it be?  No one told me!

Added info:  Again, as I am looking for art for this sharing, I now fully understand something.  Our “heads” are within the heart (think octopus embedded in the heart) and our arms are the tentacles.)  We are funny looking, but magnificent too!!!  Ohhhh and too… think of the tentacles as the roots connecting with each other thru the tree of Life.  There is so much more that I am understanding that I just don’t have time to share today.

Later in the day, as I was taking a small pause from my reading schedule, I once again sat on the couch and instantly it showed itself again, this time tho with something really new added.  There were three or four super long stem Shambhala flowers intertwined with each other set up on the left side of this vortex looking thing.

I still have no idea what it means, but given the days readings and fullness…. I think we are about to find out!!

May you ALL feel the bliss of True Life, Pure Love coming alive within yourSelf.  I love and honor you each soooo very very much.  Thank you for being the flowers in my garden of life!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of radiant joy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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