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Ron Van Dyke – My First OPPT Courtesy Notice Response – 6 March 2013

Uploaded on 6 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Yesterday, on what would have been Dr. Mary’s 95th birthday, I received the first response to the courtesy notices I sent out last Wednesday. The envelope was taped to my front door. Inside was an unsigned NOTICE OF IMPENDING POST-FORECLOSURE EVICTION from an out-of-area attorney representing PNC Bank. This morning I woke up following another strange dream; and in meditation, I used some tools of divination for the first time in many months. This is my subject for today in the ongoing drama of becoming free at last in a world hell-bent on enslaving all of us. I wonder how it will play out? [enantiodromia: The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, tells us that “the way up and the way down are one and the same.” Jung relied heavily on the interrelatedness of opposites to explain his entire psychological theory.]

RemovingTheShackles – OPPT – Questions & Answers by Heather – 6 March 2013

toppt-logo-blog2Question: Ok what I think is people are worried about who is in charge and who’s going to be dictating what they can spend their new funds on and the properties they acquire will be in the hands of the Trustees…

Heather: you are in charge of your own value…spend it on what you choose by your free will without damaging another…it is unlawful and illegal for any one to dictate to any one else against their free will …even if you damage another, the remedy is already set…you are responsible and liable for damages. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Message From The Arcturians – The Return – 6 March 2013

TheReturnDear Ascending Ones,

As you continue your process of returning to your Multidimensional SELF, you will be releasing the components of your self that are no longer needed. For example, as a child you needed someone outside of you to tell you what to do. However, now that you are an adult, you are able to listen to you own inner voice. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Channeled Interview With The Pleiadians : Disclosure, Abundance And The Galactic Federation’s Organizational Structure – 6 March 2013

Wes Annac: Greetings to you on this day, dear friends. I’m wondering if you could give us a general update in relation to the delivering of disclosure and the truth of your existence.

The Pleiadian High Council: With Love and admiration for each of you, we will be happy to prove our insight into this inquiry. At present, we are monitoring the collective energy levels to determine what the best course of action in relation to disclosure is, and we are looking upon a couple of different options. Continue reading

ITCCS.org – Citizin Arrest Warrants Issued Today To Detain Former Pope, Queen Of England And Other Church-State Officers – Property And Assets To Be Seized – 6 March 2013


Thirty officials of church and state who were convicted last week of committing and concealing Crimes against Humanity in Canada have defied a lawful Court Order, and now face immediate arrest.

Today, The International Common Law Court of Justice has issued an International Citizens Arrest Warrant, of one year duration, authorizing the detaining and imprisonment of these thirty fugitives from justice under the terms of the Court Verdict of February 25, 2013. Continue reading

Hugo Chavez Dead At 58 – 6 March 2013

5 March 2013 (AP)  President Hugo Chavez was a fighter. The former paratroop commander and fiery populist waged continual battle for his socialist ideals and outsmarted his rivals time and again, defeating a coup attempt, winning re-election three times and using his country’s vast oil wealth to his political advantage.

A self-described “subversive,” Chavez fashioned himself after the 19th Century independence leader Simon Bolivar and renamed his country the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 6 March 2013

sheldan10 Ix, 2 Ceh, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We come again to speak with you! A great celestial event is shortly to occur in your heavens. This event is the last one in a series of phenomena which signals the end of a sacred agreement made between the Light and the Anunnaki long ago. It is part of a divine plan to prepare your ancestors as well as you for a return to full consciousness. Pursuant to this, we are providing the dark ones on your world with documents which state that the time has come when we can officially intervene in your reality on your behalf. This intercession is simply to assist your sacred secret societies and their allies to complete a legal takeover of a number of your major governments. This procedure will lead to the disbursement of a universal abundance that is presently being held in numerous secret locations around your globe. Over the past few months we have relocated these resources to places where they are both safe and available to be used for securing the new financial and monetary system. We are also providing a more general logistical security to enable the new governance to broadcast the facts concerning what is taking place in the countries around your world. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – Citizins Have Given Away Far Too Much Of Their Power – 6 March 2013

john-blog-pics-0135Humanity’s desire for a better way of living is strengthening as more whistle-blowers reveal disturbing and unpleasant secrets that your “authorities” wish to suppress or keep hidden from you — secrets that clearly demonstrate that they cannot be trusted and should not have authority over anyone.  As they are revealed they further your desire for and intent to achieve major systemic change in all the myriad authoritarian organizations that have been spawned across the planet over the eons of your recorded history. Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – Love Is The New Technology, The New Science, The New Politics – 6 March 2013

john-blog-pics-0135Once you start to accept your true nature as divine beings – spiritual beings having a human experience – the changes necessary to bring healing and renewal to the planet and all the sentient life forms she supports will move ahead very quickly indeed.  You all have issues with that, because, as humans, you see those around you operating from their egos ninety -nine percent or more of the time. As you become increasingly honest with yourselves, you are acknowledging that you also must continue working and intending to release your own disruptive egoic attitudes that are so very human and that can be so very destructive. Because of that, it is very difficult for you to recognize and concede that truly every human is a divine being . . . they just do not behave as if they were divine! – that is, as you ego-driven humans imagine divine beings would behave.  And you do have a point.  Nevertheless it is true, and your hearts will soon take over from your egoic reasoning, and acknowledge and embrace the inalienable fact of your divinity. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Love, How It’s Meant To Be – 6 March 2013

gods20handGod said:

How you wish you could love, really love, love without attachment to love itself which can only survive without attachment. Attachment is like handcuffs that bind. Attachment is a having to have. Love isn’t had. It isn’t purchased. It isn’t taken. It isn’t forfeited. Love belongs, yet it is not a belonging.

Love is like a bird that must be free to fly. Love is poised. It comes from a high place that cannot be enchained. Love, by its very nature, must be free to soar! Love does not like to make itself small or dehydrated or fast-frozen. Love likes to be wave and wave of itself. Love must be a bird that flies high. Flying birds are not to capture one another. They are to free one another in order to accompany each other. Neither is the chattel of the other. Love cannot be owned. Love isn’t like that. Continue reading