Lucas – Choices, Choices And The Fine Tuning In The Now – 7 March 2013

how-can-your-gift-giving-lead-to-more-responsible-career-choicesAfter the  weekend it became clear the current moment is used for the coloring of the new paradigm in having you to see clearly what it is you are still up against or maybe not. It  is the time for making choices and choices.  Your choices. Nobody else is responsible for that is to BE in your life or for BEing you. You have an infinite possibility of choices at your disposal. 

It means the choice is yours to even feel or stay in a certain feeling or mindset or emotional state. Or you choice to accept, acknowledge and let go of it.  You can review your thoughts and actions and chose to do it differently in future. You can choose to be the one that make now the choice to clearly focus on that what he wants and let it become that in the flow of the field of creation.

You can make your words become building blocks, or a sledge-hammer. You can make your BEing submit or FREE.  You can control others or be co-creating and sharing. It is a choice you make.  Do not complain to be lacking choices. There are no good or bad choices only your choices. You can go with the flow or chose not to confront. You can go find an other way around or towards that goal you wanted to reach. Let it be YOUR choice.  You are abundance. That is not a choice but a state of BEing.

More people are feeling things need to change.  Depending on your current perception(s) you can see more or less of that what is offered to you to fine tune yourself towards the new paradigm.  You will eventually have to make choices in your life. The choice not to make choices is yours also. Give yourself the option of breaking through the old walls and know there are plenty of  opportunities shown on your way if you wanna go with the flow.

Choice that what feels right to you. You should not choose anything because others want it, or you are forced  or feel forced for example by peer pressure, by superiors, bosses, colleagues, friends, your belief or your education.  Choices are your choices even the choice to be giving your freedom and powers away.  We have given our powers away too long on a slavery system that is still holding lots of us in the primal existential fear of not going to have the basic needs met by having money or equivalent value.

Do you still want to go play along with all the old paradigm? Are you still accepting that the governments and corporations allegedly hold power over you?  Are you still feel the world around is doing all this to you?  Are you still looking in the  rear mirror instead of just being now in the driver seat?  Are you really just holding onto future expectations of things to come? Can you let go? Are you really chosing that what you want? The choices are yours.

Just do not feel pressured to choose immediately. If it not a life or dead situation, reflect on it. In the energy of the now you will see this will go quicker than thought of in the past. We are now in a gradually shifting towards full 5.  We are nearly on our own making the new paradigm work fully. The first baby steps, the kindergarten, the schools and education is over. You need to find your own way now.  You can choose to wait and see or you can actively go for your choise to manifest and co-create with others the new paradigm.

Use your NOW time well as it is time for the fine tuning what it is you want and what you want for this planet to be manifesting from unconditional love and being One with all and the creator. Write things down. Paint, make a collage, visualize, film, make music, be creative in a way that works for you to express what it is you want for you and the planet. Make sure you make your choices to be clear and let them flow into the creation field.

Keep expectations, attachments and others stuff that  interrupts the free flow of manifesting out of the equation. Do not think in time anymore as  in the now all that is right for the now will manifest and if not it will come when it is right.

So we will see the overwhelming energy of human choices shaping the new.  For the big themes and grand issues will have to make together our collective choices. This is also part of the fine tuning of the moment.  Can we find enough people who resonate on the same vibrational frequency to co-create  or manifest in a resonating  field of creation.  There are already lots of projects and things happening. The shifts and moves towards the new paradigm are already felt and seen.

Love and Light,


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