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As we enter into the new world it is time to stop being sheeple and have the courage to stand alone and take pride in your own thoughts. Far too great a percentage of the masses fall into line and follow the leader. Human beings are a herding species by nature, but herding can get taken to a far greater level than we should allow. We have been following along for so too long now and it has gotten us into very serious trouble. We don’t ask questions of anything or anybody any more. We just follow the leader because it is easy to do and we don’t have to entertain difficult thoughts if we don’t ask questions. Look where this has gotten us! Ask as many questions as you can. It is not only our right to know the truth, it is imperative we do, it decides our ability to survive or not! If we do not know the truth we are an easy victim to be hoodwinked.

Stop playing Simon Says with your life! Nobody else in your life should tell you what to do or think. Do or think what you feel is best for you! It takes courage to stand alone, so finding that courage is your first challenge to take on. People play follow the leader out of fear of being different. Look what bullying is doing to our kids in school! School programming of our kids in general sets them up to become followers just as the dark ones want them to be. They are easier to control. They are pressured not to step outside the box with fear of ridicule. Our individualism is being squelched and we are being swept up in the rushing stream of followers. Find your courage,find your voice, encourage your children to have the courage to be themselves. Individualism is like a muscle, if you don’t exercise it becomes weak and it doesn’t hold its own.

We were all born different for a reason! One of the major reasons Allopathic medicine is failing( other than the fact it is making people sick) is because they create drugs for the masses but we are all different. What is good for you may not be good for your neighbor, but our differences are not being addressed but rather are ignored! We are hard-wired differently, we think differently, we function differently, we feel differently, we speak differently. We are not meant to be the SAME yet we are being herded together and forced to be the same. Over time we are broken down and convinced we need to comply and go along with the program.

Embrace your individualism and rekindle a close relationship with yourself. Do not allow fear to dictate who you should be. If you know yourself well, if you have a strong foundation of self-worth , finding the courage to be who you choose to be is not a challenge. It is only when we don’t know ourselves or lack pride and self-worth of who we are, that we allow fear to push us into the crowd to follow along. I personally prefer not to be in the crowd that follows each other over the cliff! It takes courage to break free and dare yourself to stand on your own. There will be ridicule because that is the tactic to keep us in line, but if you believe strongly in yourself, what is ridicule? Just wimpy name calling and words cannot destroy you. Bullying in schools has become a way of life because our children are lacking self-worth and courage. Take the time to engage fully in your child’s upbringing and give them a strong foundation to work from.  Parents must have a strong self-worth as well for our children learn by example. Stop following the herd and stand firm in who you are!

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