AscensionPioneers – Ascension Update: Healing Continues – 8 March 2013

Uploaded on 8 March 2013 by ASCENSIONPIONEERS

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

There are many things happening now, and all in the direction of our inner healing (wholing). We are embracing our inner child through our wise ancient Self (the spiritual parent), releasing all that the child part of us cannot handle to the wise and all knowing parent part of us. We are also learning to embody our direct vertical Source alignment through partnership in Union … so horizontally as well. What we have already mastered through ourselves, we are now also integrating in partnership connections. We are still releasing through many different body symptoms (the so-called Ascension symptoms) as we are integrating more and more of our multidimensional nature. All those parts of us that are still unfulfilled, will eventually rise up to the surface to be recognized, acknowledged and fully integrated through physical embodiment. Many things that we have once thought we are not, we are finding out that we actually are. Many things which we used to identify with, we no longer recognize through our authentic Self. Everything is deeply changing, and even though these times feel like the greatest stillness (non movement) we have ever felt and experienced, we are still growing immensely. There is great movement, but it’s mainly happening from within … stirring up every “muscle” in all of our bodies. We can compare ourselves with all of Nature, for we are an intrinsic part of it. Even where there seems to be no movement at all, there is still great movement beneath the surface. We are heading for a complete and total transformation and unification with our true Self – our Soul and our Source … the I AM THAT I AM!

Within Divine Love, Polona


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