Bill Ballard – OPPT – New Energies – Canada Is Dissolved – World Is Shifting Now – 8 March 2013

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For those of us who have found our way into our hearts and activated our heart chakra these energies are True Heaven while on Earth. In an equal and opposite reaction to the LIGHT we are holding and radiating out to the world, and as the system collapses into a Police state here in USA, it is truly amazing to see these polar opposites in play. The “Powers that Were” are making every attempt to keep the LIGHT down… But that AINT HAPPNIN! HA!
So much is going down right now. Today, the Corporation of CANADA has been dissolved by ITCCS. Yes, you will have to recognize this as YOUR TRUTH to enforce this as all new ways bringing forth New Earth… It simply will not just happen and be handed to you.
There are new Courtesy Notices from OPPT ~ One People’s Public Trust out to help you shift out of the old reality. Please study these and do your own homework as we cannot hold you by your hands. TRUE Freedom does not mean following another, as YOU MUST BE RESPONSE~ABLE for YOURSELF!
Woody Harrelson ‘Ethos’ – Epic Documentary! – Time to Unslave Humanity

Lisa M Harrison and others discussing the Questions and Answers concerning OPPT or One People’s Public Trust… Do YOUR OWN HOMEWORK and please don’t respond with negative comments on my Facebook, YouTube, Email and other places I share… I WILL Delete and Block you for that, and with LOVE….–56-march-2013

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Up to 17.5 million RBS banking group customers were left without their money last night as the bank’s systems crashed.
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Marvelettes – Dont Mess With Bill – HQ (hehe… a friend posted this on my Facebook wall)

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Leon Redbone- Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)

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