TheOne-DreamDreamer – Follow Me, We’ll Have A Journey – 8 March 2013

I’ll help you transmute pain into Love.

I’ll help you in the alchemical process that brings all back to Source.

I’m in you, and in you I live.

To reach me that is you and is All the fog of cold thoughts thins, and I appear like the Sun that opens the clouds, thus as Sun I never miss in you, even when you can’t feel me, for I Live and I Am.

Even if cold is still present in the dense valley the Sun melts the snow. Haze it becomes, covering your sight behind a veil of darkness.

Wait for the dawn as it’s here, bringing warm rays that cut the haze of your thoughts allowing your Ground to be nourished once again, dissolving the fog into heaven and earth so that it’s once again allowed to be rain and rivers and lakes and seas, pure and free from restrictions of coldness and dark nights.

Then look at Me, for the water mirror in which you reflect yourself in Me was once cold snow too. It’s now a shelter and home for Life. For snow was water and water was rain, lake and sea, and water is you who reflect your self in it, curiously observing that what you Are.

One with All and All with One.
You Are Life, both in winter and in summer, with rain or clear sky.

Life, for death is not aLive. / link to original article


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