AmericanKabuki – The Choice: More 3D Fear Games Or Not – 9 March 2013

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I know LOTS of people are scared/freaked out/at the end of their proverbial ropes/Etc.

I have followed this OPPT thing since last summer (end of July) I have spoken directly with Heather. What ZEN Gardener had to say today holds NO water.

I used to work as a consultant to the largest (and most infamous, by FAR) investment bank. I worked there during Bill Clinton’s presidency when Glass-Stegal was dropped (largely at the behest of this institution).

The fact is that the OPPT “Trust” was established and is … READY … themselves to be disbanded.

Ask yourself:

A) how much would a group of people that hopes to be soon disbanded (after CVAC’s address OUR personal needs) wish to enact another “system of control”?

THEY wouldn’t.

Imagine what a new system Headache that would present and at that point no military to really back them up, get over that!

B) Since everyone’s personal needs (except for the cabal members which will receive a paltry sum) will be fulfilled with 10 Billion WHY and more importantly HOW can we be more controlled compared to TODAY? [For example] 35K in credit card debt the bank (who NEVER had assets behind it) wants to collect from you right now, but never did anything to give you that “funny money” except hit a “keystroke” on their personally owned & operated (by 13 EVIL Families) Federal Reserve Bank (whichever “member” bank, CITI,  Chase etc. all owned by Rothschild anyway) and “voila” you miraculously had a 35K limit? That you then immediately ran up!

These (13) Black Nobility/Venetian/Illuminati/Jesuit/Vatican/ Bankster Families “Own” & Run this planet! Are YA Free right NOW? OF Course NOT! Not in ANY Way. So why would you (unless you’re Reptilian/Bankster Family cabal) want to continue (when they’ve MASTERFULLY Drained The System of CASH RIGHT NOW) scream for more help from them???

Please Master bring us another BUCKET of Gasoline to help us Douse the flames? ARE WE NUTS? No we’re not Stupid Either. We’re Just Still in Their Wholly-Owned TRANCE!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP OPPT does not want to control Crap!

Make the three trustees sign an affidavit (if you’re still paranoid) saying they’ll relinquish & extinguish the “trust at 180 days after the CVACS have been fully funded & everyone has their 10 Billion. No One is Going to want them to sign that after the CVACS are putting out our collective fires with REAL Water!

If you believe anything believe this. The Illuminati/Reptilians [note: the Reptilians were removed from the planet last year – humans however are creatures of habit -AK] are continuing every second WE ALLOW them to dig out bases/hideouts/tunnels/supply routes UNDER our beloved United States.

If we don’t stand behind OPPT collectively (Drake’s saying the frigin Annunaki are our parent species, WRONG) we will find out who has been standing BEHIND Rothschild for Centuries and our 2nd Amendment is THE ONLY reason we’re a Standing Threat to them NOW! WAKE UP WAKE UP, Both Blue & Red ARE Filthy Dirty!!! Rothschild said himself in 1812 “Divide the sheep & they’re EASILY conquered”

I’M TIRED OF BEING an EASY MARK FOR REPTILES! Brothers this Missouri boy says … are ya with me? The Military doesn’t want this fight either they (believe me) would be HAPPY to “Escape from all the trouble they themselves have caused” (largely at the higher/defense contractor/supplier level).  Let’s DO THIS … CVACS NOW, PROVOST MARSHALL NOW.

No one wants the CIA “Light” version/Wanta Protocol Version. If that 1.7 trillion, but you’re still “managed” fresh coat of paint comes to pass we’ll all SMELL the stink quickly anyway. This is why “It” hasn’t happened & Drake is audibly angry and is a good guy just been lied to for 2 yrs. It’s obvious”

-Anonymous / link to original article


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