Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 9 March 2013

ann albers and lucy the dogMessage From The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we are going to speak of obedience. It is a word which, for many of you, conjures up images of sitting up straight in school and having to listen to your parents, teachers, and authority figures. It is a word that often brings memories of reward or punishment, or not-so-pleasant memories of being forced to behave in ways that you felt were rigid or confining. It is a word used to describe the behaviors of those who serve in religious orders, and a word otherwise not often used in spiritual circles. And yet, dear ones, this word is ripe with rich possibility for improving your own lives.

In truth, even though you think of yourselves as “free” you are are always obeying something. Your true freedom comes in being able to choose which thoughts you will serve and which impulses you will obey. Will you, through fearful choices and limited thinking, obey the dictates of your society, your culture, and your conditioning? Or will you choose to obey the still, small voice of love that rises up within you – the voice of God that wishes to guide you to a life more amazing than anything you have ever dreamt? Will you obey love, or fear? Will you obey limitations or endless possibility? Will you obey the spontaneous, passionate, and joyful impulses that touch your hearts in a given moment, or will you over-think them until the spark is diminished and the guidance has passed? Will you, like innocent children, obey the call to joy or will you push that natural delight aside as frivolous and impractical?

Consider a very practical example. Someone you love angers you. You have a fearful desire to strike back, to say something hurtful, and yet deep down in your heart the true desire is for comfort for yourself, for understanding, for greater connection, or at a minimum a longing for peace. Your conditioning teaches you to strike back. Your heart teaches you to seek peace. Which will you choose? Likewise, say you have an impulse and a desire to study something that seems to have nothing to do with income or “usefulness” in your life? Will you listen to your heart and enjoy this activity, or will you reason it away?

God loves you no matter what. We love you no matter what. There is never any judgment in the heavens. We simply know that obeying the deeper and more loving truths in your own hearts will make you happier. You may have to overcome conditioning to do so, but learning to condition yourself to obey the truth in the depths of your hearts will bring you indescribable joy.

Dear ones, the angels live in obedience to love and it is our greatest joy to do so. We want, with all our hearts, to share with you that living in obedience to love is the greatest freedom you could ever experience in a given lifetime. It is the freedom to live beyond the confines and limitations of human thought. It is the freedom to experience the miraculous in your life.

If your choices in life are based only on what feels safe, known, and comfortable, then you begin to live inside the very tiny and confined set of possibilities that you or those around you have validated. If instead, you allow yourself to be open to new ideas, new passions, new interests, and new sparks of inspiration, then you are living a life in trust, opening up to the miraculous, and like the stars in the heavens, obeying a power that wants nothing more for you than to experience a love and a life beyond your wildest dreams. Obey the loving impulses in your own hearts dear ones, for these are inspirations from God.

God Bless You. We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi All!

Being a rather independent soul, the notion of “obeying” anyone or anything used to conjure up images of being controlled. It once inspired rebellious notions of, “I will listen to myself thank you very much.” The angels, ever patient with human notions, explained to me that in obeying God, I would only being obeying my own design, my heart of hearts, and the guidance that would lead me to an amazing life. Over the years I have come to love and appreciate and love this wisdom.

Take my book, “Love is the River: Living in the Flow of Divine Grace” as an example. I worked on it for several years on and off, writing and rewriting it as it rewrote my life. I had to learn what I was sharing before the book could be released. Then one weekend the message and the desire to lock myself in my office came strongly. I did so and thirty hours later finished the manuscript. I put it in the car because I had a notion to do so, brought it to an event, and the rest is history. I had a “coincidental” meeting with Liz Dawn who owns Mishka Productions and within a week was asked to speak among famous authors. “How did you get in with them?” I was asked by many. I obeyed God and my own heart, was the only honest answer. Heaven arranged the rest.

This past week I had another example of the divine bliss that comes from obeying the heart. Several of my clients and friends, knowing my love of Karunamayi and Panache Desai – souls who beam God’s love in large measure – wrote to tell me that Braco, another transmitter of Divine light was going to be in town. I had heard of him over the years but the timing had never been right to attend one of his events. Once again his scheduled date in Phoenix was on a work day and I felt no inspiration to cancel my clients so I chalked it all up to divine timing. Imagine my surprise the next day, while getting a haircut when my hairdresser brought up the fact that she had gone to see Braco. “You are the fifth person who told me about him,” I shared with her, “but I was working again yesterday and it didn’t feel right to go.” “He’s here again today,” she told me. “You should go.” She was kindly insistent. I was torn. I had set aside the rest of the day to write, something that had once again inspired my passion. A the same time, I did feel a tug to go to one of this man’s events. I quieted my mind dropped in my heart and simply said, “OK God, what do you want for me.” “Go,” I heard. “OK,” I answered. I left my dear hairdresser with hair still wet and hopped in the car immediately.

On the hour long drive to the event, the sun poured in through the windshield of my car and burnt into my solar plexus with a heat I have come to recognize as the touch of God. At the same time the car in front of me glared a perfect sunburst pattern into my third eye causing that energy center to buzz like crazy. I passed a car with the license plate “FREE2BE.” This was obviously going to be fun! I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and without thought or reading a sign, found the event by following the energy. I was just in time.

Each of these souls who transmits operates differently. Braco simply allows the power of God to look at you through his eyes. No words, no touch, no readings, just pure love. Many people experience healing miracles in his presence. Although my body could use a few miracles after some health adventures the past few years, I had no inspiration to ask for anything. “God do whatever you want with me! You brought me here.” was my simple happy prayer. I have come to learn and trust that what the Creator wants for me is almost always better than what I could want for myself.

As we waited, I talked to the lady next to me about her family and told her I’d pray for them too. There was a unity in this room that was palpable and an expectancy that was fueled by the hopes of all those present. Finally, Braco came into the room – a simple man with a purity of energy that was absolutely radiant and beautiful. As he gazed at the crowd, I felt myself locked into the eyes of God staring through the gentle soul. I felt my inner voice suddenly say, “I receive your love on behalf of mother earth.” It was my soul’s voice, the I-Am behind the I-Ann that made that decision. All I can say, is “Whoa! Go God!” What a Divine intent that was! Talk about bliss! I could no longer see Braco. Before my very eyes, he transformed into a being of white and gold light and I saw countless faces of the masters transposed over his own. With eyes open, I saw beams of sunshine radiating out from him to all in the crowd. The light was alive and it was reaching out touching everyone in the crowd. It was the light I see on the “other side” when I talk with people who have transitioned into heaven. It was the same light I see with my “inner eyes” as I guide classes in meditations. It reached out with tenderness and touched everyone, filling the room, fueling the sparks of Divine light in the hearts of all those present and drawing their own light forth. Everyone in the room became radiant in this glow as we melted into One.

The moments of presence just kept getting better. Waves of bliss and divine childlike joy washed over me and filled me as I worked very hard to focus on two human eyes blazing through a sea of gold and white. There were no words, no thoughts, but just God staring back at God through two different forms, experiencing the absolute bliss of being able to experience itself this way. My soul was so filled with joy that it burst out of my body and danced in the tendrils of light weaving throughout the room. I know that if I didn’t have so many limiting thoughts about being human, my body would have levitated. As is, my body rose effortlessly until I was on my toes and balanced delicately in that position. That’s when my brain kicked in and kept me on earth!

I thought that was enough and was prepared to go home but again love beckoned. No thought was required. As I left the room I knew I was staying for one more session. This time the thought that arose within me was, “I used to do this. Bring it on God! Let me touch others this way.” It all suddenly seemed easy to drop into that heart space and share. I do this in readings at times, not by my choice, but rather when the energy decides to flow through me. I knew it would now happen more often. Truly in the week following, the waves of heat went through me to others. Tears came to their eyes as they felt the love of God touch their hearts. It is bliss to share this beauty.

So when you get the urge to do something, even when it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t fit your plans or preconceived notions, be open to life. Be open to possibilities you may not have even considered. A dear sweet client who listened to her heart’s urge to go eat dinner out late one night met someone who bought the house she wanted to sell. A friend who exited a nightclub she didn’t really want to be at with met her future husband who was standing outside of the one next door. As I wrote this last sentence, I got an incoming email from a photographer friend who was inspired to create his own book to showcase his work and, as a result, has just received a possibility of career opportunity that he never could have imagined for himself.

This is how God works. A loving urge is planted in your heart. You obey it or ignore it. And if you listen, the power that knows all 7.2 billion people and how they can most lovingly interact is working on your behalf. I’d rather obey a Love that loves me, rather than obey all the conditioning that seeks simply to keep me safe.

Obey your heart of hearts. With a childlike innocence, reach for joy. This type of obedience to love will connect you with the indescribable magic in life, opens you to possibilities you may never have considered, and draw you into streams of grace. The real YOU is actually in control when you obey Love. Try it out this week… miracles await.

Have a blessed week
I love you all!
Ann / link to original article


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