Lucas – Discerning – Factual Evidence Or Just Opion – OPPT – Feeling Your Truth Within – 9 March 2013

discerningheartsIt seems lots of the people and those just awakening are still confused about what is what in this new transitional period and how to deal with it. What is dark and what is of the light, is that distinction even still valid? What is  true or not and should we still be labeling or judging others?  What is fact or fiction and what is Opinion and what is factual evidence?

Those questions and the answers you give are just also nothing more than a way of perceiving the world and your dimensional reality.  It is that what makes a lot of  people still see difference, polarity and duality. In my reality there is only observing that what is from my point of perception on my level of dimensional frequency in the now.

It is like also the OPPT  is questioned (!), slandered or discredited  and judged by perceptions. The OPPT is for some not being excepted as a part of what is true, but that is  what you conceive it and it is your truth not everyone’s truth. Nor need anyone believe or have to belief  (I hate that word belief) nor is it a must to accept this OPPT as that is your free choice to or not. Just keep in mind not to be  filling in the choices of others by judging, having no real facts or evidence to present, having just evil intent to get that what is not your truth across to everyone. It is just opinion or your view on OPPT.

There are no wars to be fought anymore for me their over. In my perception we  need to realize that we are changing inside and outside  and are moving towards a new dimension that is made of a different higher vibrational frequency field without and within.  The time of oneness is come for all. Unity that accepts no boundaries anymore. It is about the love that unconditionally creates from our hearts and is connected to source. It is the new paradigm we are talking about. A world, no even bigger than that, a universe and dimensional reality that is bringing abundance for all, peace, harmony, co-creation, sharing, being you, exploring the new that is not conceptual in nature.  We will go there and will go there step by step even in a faster than ever experience in the now. The transition is not going to be stopped by your perception of the world or what you want to perceive  or you want to perceive your followers or those you want to control. Could you let go of all to receive  more than you ever could have imagined your had?

We are now in a transition phase and soon all will be clear even for those that now perceive it not that way. You always will have the choice to be living in your perception.

The OPPT did make the world a free place for all and it is free for you to  accept it.  There are no conditions to it to be part of it. It is no religion nor is it a scam or is it whatever you think it is. It is just there to give you back that what not rightfully was taken from you and gave it all back.

We will go on our journey together and make that jump into the new vibrational dimensional frequency if you have not yet been perceiving it that way. See all that is even dark or light is just part of the same source that is One and we are One with all and source. We are stepping out of the extremes and are going into the balance of all that is called One.

We are going to create a new paradigm that makes all for all available and all are in  a resonance field working, sharing, co-creating together on being in service to all. It means everybody has their freedom but there is always balance in taking and giving.  All that is creating unbalance, is about extremes, is functioning for only certain people,  makes inequality and duality, polarity  happening will not be viable.

The learning curve from all those now in different levels of perception and states of vibrational frequency levels resonating makes it for the now necessary that people re-group, re-shuffle with all that is resonating with them in the moment. So to say their school class levels. We all are learning and no one is less or more by being on a transitional level higher or lower and that is not the point of growing and expanding, exploring and experiencing what we have. It is the ride that will be important for all of you.  As there have been ones before you going a certain or others way to the end goal, so shall be others coming after you.

It is about living and feeling the truth in all that is within you connected to source that is important. There is no one nor nothing in between you and your creator and it has never been.  The fiction was sold to us and has been educated, preached and forced upon us by all sorts of controlling instruments. It is not easy to let this go. As it has been a part of you so deep that you even forgot who you really were. You feel your truth within. All is gonna change now and you have the choice to be part of it.

Love and Light,



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