Sophia Love – OPPT- Isn’t – 9 March 2013

Picture I do not want to change your mind.  I want to touch your heart.  With your heart engaged, your mind can’t help but make the right choice for you. Notice the landscape.  Do not dismiss these new features.  They demand closer inspection.

Decide what resonates.  Listen, discern and act when you are moved to.  The OPPT asks nothing of you.  It is like a soundtrack, playing in the background as you construct your world.  Consider your life; some things you want more of, others less.

There are tools and there are obstacles.  Decide which is which and use what serves you.  There is no coercion in these filings.  How you interpret them in your day to day is completely up to you.

Decide what serves you.  Do your own homework.

The OPPT-Isn’t:

a law

something to sign

something to join

a conspiracy

a constitution

something to pay for

a requirement

something to follow

a demand

a trick



more debt

a movement to follow

a set of rules to obey

a fad

a suggestion

a club

a group

a list of suggestions

a country

a government

a financial system

an educational system

a cult

a puzzle

something to vote for

something to fight for

a lie



a demand

a problem to decipher

going to hurt you

going to enslave you

going to tax you

going to ask you for money

going to foreclose on you

going to put you in jail

something for only the next generation

easy to comprehend

The OPPT-is:

simple to embrace

a re-statement of our worth, the value of the One People

a re-statement of the Declaration of Independence

for all generations






What happened in 1776 was that the Declaration of Independence said “We declare these truths to be self evident…that all men were created equal…”

Since then, governments were corporatized and banks and schools have been corrupted and controlled by their CEO’s.  As the depth of this corruption was discovered and uncovered, a solution was offered – foreclose the corporations and return the power to the people themselves.  The UCC filings took care of that.

Your life only has to change if that is your choice.  You stand without requirement.

Can you see yourself without bonds or binds of any kind?  When you can, this Trust, the Public Trust of the One People, will have served its purpose.

The OPPT isn’t the answer.  It is a catalyst for you to find the answers within.  Search your heart.  Your value, truth and treasure are not found in any document.

They reside within every single one of us.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. / link to original article


One response to “Sophia Love – OPPT- Isn’t – 9 March 2013

  1. Thank you so much, Sophia, for this excellent and simple statement of what OPPT is and is not. When I glanced at the intro to the Christian’s video warning people NOT to sign it, I said to myself “These folks have missed the point; what’s to sign??!!” I didn’t even watch the videos because my intuition told me they didn’t know what they were looking at. You have beautifully summed up the essence of OPPT. I would like to add that I have never seen so many high level conversations arise from something as I have listening to the radio broadcasts and reading the blogs regarding OPPT. The conversation about our innate worth as living breathing humans is so big and so noble that I am still taking it in. We have been indoctrinated with the idea that we are worthless as BEings, that only the product of our DOing has any value at all and that our “net worth” can be stated on a balance sheet. We have been steered toward the “representation” of our worth (the monetary figure on the balance sheet) and conditioned to believe that it equals our true value. All the while the Powers that Were have been “harvesting” our life energy for their own selfish gain. OPPT has opened my eyes to the places in the old paradigm that I bought in without even realizing it. The $10 Billion figure may or may not materialize in my personal life but I now have a monetary representation that represents the magnitude of my true worth. Truly, we are each priceless and invaluable but the $10 Billion figure was a wake up call for me to see just how much of my SELF had been stolen from me without me realizing it or me doing anything to prevent it. In my mind, OPPT is the greatest blessing to mankind in centuries. The trustees are heroes for the risks they took to bring this forth for all the People of the planet, equally.There is nothing more for any of us to do, except digest this fact, integrate it’s meaning and begin to live our lives free from the control of any other. OR NOT.