Carol Ann Ciocco – 7 Planets In Pisces Conclave – (11-12 March) – 10 March 2013

Hi everyone, as you may have heard, we have a veritable CONCLAVE of planets in Pisces at the New Moon on Monday March 11. The Moon and Sun will be in Pisces, and so will the planets Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune and Chiron (an asteroid that acts like a planet). This adds up to an intensely dreamy and mystical gathering in the most spiritual of all the signs.

If you are sensitive to etheric energies (and even if you’re not!) you may be feeling a bit hazy, confused or spacey lately. The fact that Mercury is Retrograde only adds to this feeling. Even Venus and Mars are considered by Shamanic Astrology to be “off the world stage” or “in the Underworld,” as they are so close to the Sun that they are hidden from our sight.

With this level of Pisces and other opaque, hidden and retrograde energies, it is as if a thick fog has descended upon us, causing our rational, left-brained thinking to become fuzzy. We see through a glass darkly. But a gift arises from our groping through the mist: because we can’t rely on our logical brain as much, our right-brain, creative mind comes alive, making this time especially fertile for dreaming, meditating, and entering states of blissful awareness of higher realities. Here is a precious chance to learn to use our intuition in our daily lives, a habit that will stick with us when the fog lifts.

It certainly is difficult to focus (especially for me, as I sit here trying to focus on writing this newsletter :) But when we come out on the other side of this time we will have been fed by angels, and we will surface with new ideas and visions of Divine Beauty that express the Truth of Oneness. We will be infused with what we intuited in the mist.

yoda pope - PodaWe will have a similar CONCLAVE going on at the Vatican in Rome at the time of this new moon as well. As we talked about in my last newsletter ( in February the Pope resigned for the first time in 600 years, on the same day that lightning struck the Vatican twice, a meteor struck Russia and we had an unusually close asteroid fly-by. We live in wild and historic times of change, indeed.

And so, on February 12, 2013, the day after the New Moon with 7 planets in Pisces (the sign of the RELIGIONS of the Piscean Age including Christianity and Catholicism) a conclave of cardinals will begin the process of choosing a new Pope. Perhaps we will see one of the world’s most ancient religious institutions (with a long history of worldly corruption) shift into a more truly Piscean energy of expression i.e. the Piscean qualities of Jesus himself – Love, Compassion and Peace. Perhaps we need a Yoda Pope? Impossible, you say?? Not in these times! LOL

The Pisces ocean we are floating in right now is the opening act of further flowing and harmonious energies this summer. In the Spring and early Summer we will receive powerful earth-changing incoming from a tri-eclipse portal and from the third (of seven) epochal Uranus-Pluto squares. Then, after a Summer of Love and the flying of kites, in the Fall we will begin to translate all that we’ve intuited into the language of a dawning New Earth – brought to us by Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn and a powerful Scorpio hybrid eclipse.

So we can relax right now and *allow* as we swim around in this wondrous, nebulous, rich and confusing realm, drifting in the ocean of collective consciousness and tuning in to the Mind of God. Here are some links from previous newsletterswhere we explored some of the sublime (and siren-song) qualities of Neptune and Pisces. The information might help to spark some seeds for meditation:

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This fertile time of profound intuitive awareness and access to the celestial is a good time for an Astronology Consult. We will channel your chart and receive wisdom from the Author of the chart (you, at a Soul level) concerning Intent for this lifetime. Scroll down for more information and to purchase your Consult.

Spring is right around the corner. Stay tuned for our year’s true new beginning at the Spring Equinox coming up on March 20th. By that time, Aries will will have burned off enough of the Pisces fog to clear a way for us. The influx of Aries/equinox energies will provide fire and energy as we spring forward into a really spectacular, transformational and loving year. Use this mystical time well. Bring up precious pearls from the bottom of the ocean to share with us as the Post-2012 era continues to unfold.

Namaste _/|\_

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