Krista Raisa – Vlog : Stress Before My Success, My Story … – 10 March 2013

Uploaded on 10 March 2013 by Krista Raisa After leaving a Master’s Program, I worked on a farm, at Macy’s, and took a cleaning job when I got to Sedona and while writing my first book. (Forgot to mention in this video). …There is a lot to me people do not know…..and I realized that people don’t usually ask me, “So, Krista, what’s your story?” My whole life, people have typically come up to me to share THEIR lives and their problems….a typical path of a healer and volunteer being. …It’s difficult…constantly doing the “right thing.” Yet, it’s very rewarding as one learns about Source Self through assistance. ….I have been in servitude my whole life, and find it hard to just “be”, here…. I could never fit in, and still experience challenges, even though at times I seem to “have it all.”

Here’s a little bit about myself and some of the challenges that take place as one “wakes up”, disappointments, setting boundaries as an empath, and how I began channeling the I AM presence (being a “coder”) after a loving experience on Facebook.


“If you’re an empath, you’re probably super sensitive towards your environment.”

“…I’ve kind of been the good girl my whole life, doing my best to please an array of people. Not just my immediate family….a myriad of relationships.”

“I have gifts and priveledges where some do not. And vice versa. Everybody has their own gift. Why all the judgement, you know? I don’t understand judgement.”

“It’s like…how many thousands of years have we waited to talk about these things? How many thousands of years have we waited to uplift humanity and go to the natural way of healing and go back to Spirit and go back to the Divine Mother? And how we still get attacked by our star-brothers and sisters, who should understand that we need to eat and make a living.”


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