Lisa Gawlas – A Growth Of Excitement And A Word Of Caution ( And Other Stuff) – 11 March 2013

huge jelly fish of lightFrom the moment I woke up yesterday, I swear spirit put their big hand around my life and said “today, we do it our way.”  With my first awakening moment it felt like I was being poured into myself, much like plaster being poured into a new mold.  My day, (according to my plans with it) went downhill from there.

I sat down to write my blog and… nothing.  It was as if my brains were all piled on top of each other and I kept tripping over thoughts.  Then,as I looked at the time on my computer contrasting the time on my wall, I realized I was short an hour, I thought I woke up at 6am (which is still really late for me) and it is 7am thanks to the spring leap.  So I gave up a blog and started to scramble for a topic for the Soul Gym which was supposed to start in an hour.  Hell, I couldn’t formulate a sentence forget subject matter that was going to run an hour and a half in duration.  Suddenly and out of no where, a clear thought arose out of my abyss… Inner alignment  spiritual hearing and seeing.  I thought, perfect, there are some topics I can talk about in my sleep, this would be one of them!

The hand of spirit can be long and strong!  I attempted to get into the soul gym for close to a half hour (I obviously was very late arriving.)  Each time my entrance to getting into the chatroom was completely blocked by a full size screen ad insisting I download Java NOW.  Hell, I just upgraded my java a few days ago.  The only way of closing out the ad was closing the browser, which I did over and over again.  Finally, I gave in… and re-downloaded.  Seems that was just not good enough.  That full-page mission blocker reappeared and blocked my way into the gym.  Well just dammit!!  What the hell more could I do?  I rebooted my browser, then rebooted my computer… nothing changed.  I went to the java website, really wanting to kick some ass for impeding on my day and found out there are two forms of java available, 64 but and 32 bit.  Hmmmm…   I downloaded both versions.  By this time, I am just frazzled.  How can I even talk about inner alignment when I just want to kick some java ass!!

That did the trick.  My way into the gym was cleared… phew!!  I sat there for a moment, just looking at the beautiful souls in this place.  Can I just say how much I love and appreciate you.  Patience, loving, kindness, excitement.  I needed that!!

I had no coherent brain activity at all.  I think I know what blood must feel like as it starts to coagulate and gel together.  Confused!  And then my fingers just started working.  The part that I call Lisa, had no idea where we were going, but we were going!  It seemed my team came in and rescued the incoherent me!  They all went on a real-time journey of inner alignment  expanding their inner vision and hearing and merging with the light and sound of each other.  That is my team and the way my whole journey has been… let’s throw you in the water first, we will teach you how to swim later!

Let me just make something really clear here, with anything that is happening guided by the hand of spirit, mine, yours, whatever… there is no such animal as doing anything wrong!!  Everything is a learning experiencing, a growing experiencing.  How could anyone possibly be in a spiritually directed experience and be there incorrectly?  Our minds sometimes can run our negative programming so loud it takes the beauty of the moment and steps on it!!  Watch that foot!

I could already tell by the clog of my brains, readings are going to be a challenge   Hell, using my home phone, my actual land-line was going to be a challenge   The static and haze was really intense all day long.  My external psychic world joined my brains in the coagulation pool.  Dammit!

I thew my hands up in the air and gave in.  No readings, I am brain deep in goo.  So I ran a bath.  Man oh man, this is the first time in a very very long time did I get a “talking to” from my team!  The first thing they said was “oh yes, that was us blocking your way this morning.”  I had a 64 bit experience the other day (rain day) and never took the time to condense it into a 32 bit format (meditation.)   Hey…. who the hell has the time or energy??  (Not the wisest thing for me to say lol.)  I got re-schooled in a nano-second.

The times we are in are like none other in our current collective history.  Too much is at stake, vibrationally, to not work overtime to make sure all comes together.

That bit of redirection prompted a question within myself.  I had the most intense reaction the other day to an image my youngest daughter posted on her facebook.  You know those moments when you see something and you can feel the blood draining from your whole body… my daughter posted an image of a gun and bullets she recently acquired   My entire energy field withdrew from her in such an intense moment, I just wanted to cry for her.  Now granted, I have been anti-gun my whole life and never so much as allowed a single bullet in our home, but this reaction was intense… and semi-confusing because it never let up.  And then they told me… but also, insisted I share what I was told here today, which, let me tell you, I really don’t want to do.  There really are some arena’s I want to keep my conversation out of.  to bad so sad for me! lol

Everything on earth, for better or worse, has enhanced its vibratory rate.  Guns and all that is happening now around them, especially here in the USA, are the epitome of the darkness of life trying to create a stranglehold on Loves presence and evolution on earth.  Guns were created for one purpose.  To kill.  So, no matter what the ego says or justifies, it (any and all guns) vibrate at that level of energy.  They showed me crazy pictures in their discussion.  Whether you kill an animal or a can or a human, it is still destroying the energy that was once… that.  Now imagine the energy field it fills in any given home?  So my daughter, even in her innocence (which stems from fear) has laid a really dense and dark energy in her already struggling energy field.  The DNA that is within her and within me, knows….

Then, my team showed me a contrast, one that has never really been talked about in our media.  On the very same day that we had the children in Connecticut shot and killed, a similar story was unfolding in China on the SAME DAY.  I knife was used instead of a gun, no one died.  (You can read the story here.)  Let me tell you, I have always been grateful my mother never owned a gun… she has stabbed me, had she owned a gun, in her drunken rages, I would not be here to type!

OK, I am so done with that subject.  😀  (They actually showed me more, but, I feel the point has been made.)

Only spirit can go from guns to holy heaven batman without blinking!!

The next thing I now, they are talking about the tentacles and their use.  I have noticed that in some of the readings, when my one tentacles pierces into the energy field of whomever I am reading for, something changes in them.  Whether their energy starts a cohesive formation, the other day, we opened up the energy field on the east side of the lady I was reading for and suddenly all these light seeds started to pour out into the east garden (spring, new growth) and she musta came with miracle grow cuz suddenly the seeds went from planted to visible energy… an amazing long steam leafy flower of Shambhala housing the energy of a man within it. (divine counterpart.)

Let me be clear here, anything “tentacle” that happens during a reading is at the will of my soul, surely not the will of Lisa.  Lisa is really still clueless how to use these tentacles and what they really do.  When I was sitting in the rain the other day, the guardians said I brought forward a special gift within the field of tentacles (smile) and once I learn to use it as it is intended, I can teach others how to do that too.  (I still have no clue what “that’ is… but I do feel it has something to do with what I just described above.

And then, I was shown something so amazing, so beautiful and humbling all at the same time.  There was a HUGE Ankh that became visible to me and then this massive jellyfish looking thing with all these long flowing tentacles streaming from its body and it moved thru the loop in the Ankh symbol and what my team referred to as, going thru the eye of the needle.

The radiance and the pure light energy that made up that jellyfish looking creature was… awe striking.  My team said it represented us.  Those of us that have moved forward with all the changing energies over this past year.

Thru this last year, many have come and gone, but many have stayed and persisted thru the every changing field of life.  Persistence really does pay off.  Intention and desire has become the greatest form of miracle grow… not how perfect it happened (or better stated, was experienced within) but the fact that, thru it all, you stayed with it, that is where perfection truly lays!

We were all watered with “holy water” (not my words, I promise you) and the germination process happened.  Each of you are now a growing flower in the fields of Shambhala!

I love you!!  ((((HUGZ)))) filled with rainbows,

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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