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Sophia love – After The Party, The CVAC’s – 12 March 2013

PictureWhen we realize our value we will be valuable.  When we realize our value we will be valuable.  When we realize our value we will be valuable.  We are not valuable until we say so.

Why do you have low self esteem? Who told you to hate yourself? You were programmed to comply and made to be obedient.  When you realize your value you will become valuable. Continue reading


Infinite Waters – How To Be Yourself – Life Is An Echo…Go With The Flow – 12 March 2013

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Wes Annac – March Intensification : Revisited – 12 March 2013

It is March 11th as I write this, and I find myself at a point of stillness in my growth and in the work I’ve committed myself to doing. It’s not a point of stagnation and rather, I find myself with little energy for anything other than calm, still yet noticeably-deep inner exploration. The energy I usually expend happily on working (or playing) just does not seem to be there in this very moment and rather, a wish to simply Be is pouring into me. Continue reading

John Ward – Why We Should Send Jean-Claude Juncker To The South Atlantic – 12 March 2013

junckerfingers“How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?

The Slog can exclusively reveal this morning that the three Falkland Islanders who voted against remaining British (Mr & Mrs Maradona and their clone Heinrich) will nevertheless stay on the Islands to complete the mission of liberating it for Argentina. Speaking from his U-Boat redoubt in Rookers Bay off Port Stanley, Mr Maradona said he would trust in “the hand of God to deliver the Fourth Reich from the clutches of repressive British imperialism”. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Keep Moving Forward – 12 March 2013

dark-fairy-thee-woods-Favim.com-178696(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Despite difficult times, it is so important to continue to move forward, but even more important branch out! It is essential that light workers stop singing to the choir and go out and inspire all those not yet initiated into the awakening of humanity. We must not try to persuade others to see our views, but rather engage others and inspire in them the desire to leave their security of the familiar behind and venture forth into searching their world for a clearer understanding of the truth and igniting their eagerness to know more! Persuasion creates a wall people put up from feeling pressured into something. Instead,we need to guide people to a place where they feel in control of what is being offered to them and that they are the ones reaching out longing to know more and are not being preached to. It is a fine line to walk but a very critical one to get right! Continue reading

Litopia Radio – The Slog (John Ward) : Exposing Weapons Of Mass Distraction – 12 March 2013

iStock_000001419930XSmallJohn WardLink to radio show

Our guest tonight is a former high-flying advertising maven who today runs one of the most wildly popular non-aligned political blogs on the ‘net – The Slog.  Blogger John Ward can give much of mainstream a run for their money: tackling subjects that are mostly off their radar, or too “sensitive” for them to even mention.

Long before traditional media had acknowledged the appalling Jimmy Saville scandal, John was uncovering endemic and institutional paedophilia – involving public officials and legal figures at the highest level.

What makes John tick?  Tonight’s show gets under the surface of one of the ‘net’s most interesting personalities.

Presented by Peter Cox, Ali Gardiner, Dave Bartram and Ian Winn.

www.litopia.com / link to article

4 Minutes News – It’s Electric – 12 March 2013

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