UniversalAngelicView – Impending Solar Storm Will Help Awaken Humanity – 12 March 2013

Lightworker17AngelicView: This is just intended as a “heads-up” for Lightworkers – not to create fear. I feel that we are past that anyway, right? No one has any fear. (Or am I just a dreamer?)

This came from a QHHT session (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, coined by Dolores Cannon), and thanks very much to Matthew Marnitz for allowing me to share with you. 

I will post a short excerpt from the hypnosis session in which the practitioner and the client are speaking about this event, and then link the rest of the session for you.

If you’re like me, then this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of this possibility. Please see my post “Getting Close?“, where I talk about such a possibility as foretold by several sources. And so this is just another piece of the potential puzzle of our beautiful future. :)

Introduction to QHHT and John

I met John through a chance meeting while running some errands.  We started talking about spirituality and hypnosis.  I mentioned Dolores Cannon’s book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and New Earth” which contains an amazing amount of information about the shiftthe new earth, and extraterrestrials.  All were obtained through her technique of QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) which takes clients to a deep level of hypnosis and allows a practitioner the ability to bypass the conscious mind and talk directly to one’s higher self or what we practitioners call the superconscious.  He was so excited about what I was telling him that I gave him my copy of the book to read and scheduled  a QHHT session a month out.

Later, I would learn that giving him the book before our session would actually prove to make things harder not easier during our session.  John was so excited after having read her book that his conscious mind would not allow his superconscious to fully come in.  Every time it would come in he would push it out.  Eventually, I asked the superconscious what was happening and they said that John was so curious and excited that he wanted to be conscious for the whole thing and was unintentionally pushing the higher self aside.

This was a lesson learned for my future clients.  If you have not read any of Dolores’s Cannon’s books, I don’t recommend reading them immediately before the session.  I also now make it a point to give my clients affirmations ahead of time to intend a feeling of calm during the session.  After wrestling with John’s conscious mind for a while, I was finally able to start getting the superconscious to come in strong and one particular piece of important information has come out of it.

Like many of my clients, John wanted to know what his purpose in life was.  John was a young adult and college student so I wasn’t sure I would be able to get that out of the higher self yet since it likes us to have some kind of self discovery and experience in life before divulging that information or finding it ourselves (with their help of course).

Later, I would accidently open a wealth of information about important upcoming events that could be a huge vibrational increase in our collective consciousness.  The interesting thing about the higher selves is that they won’t tell you unless you ask the question.  It reminds me of the scene in iRobot where the deceased scientist’s hologram tells Will Smith, “you’re not asking the right question”.

Their explanation for this is that they want us to work at it before they help us, otherwise it will hinder that individuals plan of what they wanted to learn and experience here on Earth.  If they told us everything, it would be like playing a videogame with a cheat sheet in front of you.  Sure you might get good at that game, but you won’t pick up any additional skills and new neurological pathways that would have been created by having to think and be creative to find all those things you need to find.  We don’t come here to learn and be good at living on Earth, we come here to learn and become good at  being one with the Universe.

Note:  I used the words Superconscious and Higher Self in this article.  Both of these are actually the same thing.  The Superconscious has been called, Christ Consciousness, Holy Spirit, God, Higher Self, and I AM presence.  For information about this and QHHT visit www.dolorescannon.com.  I’ve only included parts of the session that are applicable to the article content and aren’t boring.  I have also left out any personally identifiable.  The client has given me permission to write this article with names changed.

The Solar Storm Event

(Matthew) We’re going to come back to that. The Solar Storm of the century that NASA has predicted, what is that going to do?  Is that going to be any big deal?  (SC) It’s going to change things  (Matthew) Like major or minor distractions?  (SC) Technology is gonna, some places it’s not going to work.  Not what we are used to, conveniences wiped out.  (Matthew) Will this be worldwide or just in some places? (SC) I don’t’ know.  (Matthew) You don’t know or you are not supposed to know.  (SC) Can’t know where it’s going to happen, it’s just going to happen and there is going to be panic.  (Matthew) Is this something that will actually be a good thing in the long term though?  Not having our technology will allow us to focus on us right?  (SC) People are disconnected.  (Matthew) They are so into their technology.  (SC) It’s all about things now.  (Matthew) How soon will this happen?  (SC) I wanna say Feb  (Matthew) Feb?  (SC) That’s what I wanna say.  (Matthew) So the shift is well underway, so that will be good timing because by that time we will have made a pretty good dent right?  (SC) It should be (chuckling)

For the most part his higher self was talking but for the timing prediction his conscious mind might have interfered.  I have asked about the solar storm now with about 8 or 10 of my clients and the general consensus is that it will happen around March 20 to March 22 or April 2013 (3 clients). I did have one client who said June 2013. I am not confident about making predictions of dates here but my general feeling based on the how the SC talks about it is that it will happen in 2013 and probably sooner than later.  It definitely sounds like it will happen but they indicate that timing is somewhat random and the power grid outages will be based on how far along we are in shift of our consciousness.  They also indicated in another session that only lower vibration areas will be affected.  Some or all of our electrical devices could be affected.

After discovering this information about the solar storm, I posted the information to our Facebook QHHT group and asked others if they could ask about this with their clients as well.  Since we are all connected and are one consciousness, we should get the same information from others if it is in fact going to happen.  So far, many other practitioners have come back with the same information with a time frame of Feb to March 2013.

Link to article – Thanks Matthew.

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