Wes Annac – March Intensification : Revisited – 12 March 2013

It is March 11th as I write this, and I find myself at a point of stillness in my growth and in the work I’ve committed myself to doing. It’s not a point of stagnation and rather, I find myself with little energy for anything other than calm, still yet noticeably-deep inner exploration. The energy I usually expend happily on working (or playing) just does not seem to be there in this very moment and rather, a wish to simply Be is pouring into me.

Hilarion told us today that this is a normal part of where so many of us are currently at in our processes (1), and it is very, very important for us to remain grounded and centered at this time. Personally, I’ve found my emotions or the mindsets that would drive them flying out of control if I allow them to, and I can see the need to balance my emotions out lest I wish to be drawn into the occasional maelstrom of the Earth experience.

As always, it’s hoped that what I’m experiencing and my account of it will help one of you who could be experiencing something similar. If you’re finding yourself drained, depleted and simply wishing to exist in blissful harmony and then find yourself meeting with the higher dimensions in quite interesting ways upon doing so, than you can take it as a sign of this next intensified phase of our ongoing evolution.

Even writing and expressing what I’m feeling and experiencing nearly seems like a chore in this moment; not in the sense that I don’t enjoy it, but the very act of transmitting what I’m thinking and feeling onto digital paper by typing it out almost seems arduous in the face of being able to communicate with each of you telepathically.

Along with this calm yet intensified phase of our process, here in my corner of the world spring is beginning to be felt in the air. While the change of the season brings a welcomed adjustment to the weather and our resulting ability to get out and explore, I’m feeling something much deeper and more profound in the air along with the energies of spring.

What I’m feeling seem to be a greater intensification of the theme of change that our transitioning into different seasons tends to offer. I’m feeling a strong and impending inner-change and I’m feeling as well that something is about to happen that will greatly affect the way Life is Lived by each one of us.

Of course, we’ve all been expecting a magnificent change for so very long and since the New Year has arrived, the realization has gradually settled upon us that we are tasked with establishing the utopia we have heard so very much about. This truth is beginning to be reflected in the channels of information assisting in our ascension at present, as well.

What I’m feeling in this moment is not a grand “taking away” of every Earth pain and difficulty but rather, a reward for the increased efforts we are all going to make, now and in the time ahead, to establish a world that is in resonation with the thoughts, feelings and rights of each one of us. It seems at this very moment that we’ve entered yet another “ascension symptom” time wherein the difficulty and potential negativity can be turned up, if we do not employ the balance that will see us blissfully exploring the higher realms we’re receiving all of our inspiration and energy from.

Expect some more music from me this week, because the creative flow just did not stop for a while there before entering this current state of depletion. Just as Hilarion said today, that very flow will increase exponentially, as long as we can remain balanced and get through this current time.

I feel I haven’t been able to do justice to exactly what I have been feeling in the air. Do you remember the last day of school before summer vacation, just waiting for that clock to strike the afternoon hour? The very anticipation and realization that you’re about to enter an experience much more free, much more fun and enjoyable than what you’ve been forced to sit through and deal with?

Combine that feeling with the fresh energies of spring (or fall, depending on where you are) and a growing understanding of your multidimensionality and you may very well feel the energies of this time we are in. It is a wonderful feeling, but the negativity will turn up to extreme extents to prevent us from feeling it. Balance, balance, balance has always been and could very well continue to be a theme, as we embrace the future we are heading toward and Create upon the template of our fifth dimensional reality.

Wes Annac – Reporting on a turned-up phase of our evolution




(1)-Hilarion: Your Loving Presence can Uplift the Hearts of an Entire Building Filled with Others:


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