Bill Ballard – The Heros Of New Earth Are Being Made Right Now – 13 March 2013

Uploaded on 13 March 2013 by pearls2u

All around, I see New Earth’s Hero’s Being Made, They ARE Everywhere! This turned out to be an emotional video for me, which I almost did not post because of that. It does show the depth of MY LOVE for Humanity, my Family, Friends and these Heroes I speak of from the past and also and especially in the here and now. I do not have that deep emotion I show in this video when it comes to physical pain, or my need to fight and war or in defense and protection of myself and/or others, but as anyone can see I have deep emotions when it comes to my expressions of LOVE. That runs VERY DEEP. There are so many New Earth heroes being made right now and I see them in every direction I look. People are dedicating their lives to standing up to the powers that were in order to bring them down and make a much better Earth for ALL OF US AS THE ONE BEING WE TRULY ARE.

I am so humbled and honored to be here with each of YOU whom I speak of here all as we complete this planetary shift into New Earth. I wish I could make a list of all those who have touched me so deeply by their commitment to humanity and releasing them from the bondage we have been living in these many thousands of years. I LOVE YOU ALL!

These heroes are all around for anyone who opens their eyes and chooses to see them. Here are 2 videos below of these New Earth HEROES I speak of… I am so humbled to be associated with all of them. These are 2 videos that were just posted. I hope you can see what I see in these wonderful souls.
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