Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: You Are The Guiding Force of A Whole New World – 12 March 2013

rainbowcolors.2Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Hello dear ones of the Light, as you are and always have been.  We speak to you today of what is on your minds and in your hearts, at least for many of you. You see, we observe you and are with you constantly, monitoring your progress and we often see you struggling with trying to figure everything out, with trying to make sense of things.

You see, not everything can be figured out and put in a nice order. Things are constantly changing as you go from moment to moment and it is where you put your focus as to what will prevail. This may sound simplistic, but it is the art of creation, the rules of manifestation.

Constantly second-guessing oneself puts a monkey wrench in the process, to use a common phrase. It scatters and changes and dilutes the results, and of course can bring your fears into focus and at the forefront of the manifestation process.

We are here to remind you to pay attention to your thoughts at all times, and to observe your fears and let them dissipate in your Loving Light. It does no good to second-guess yourself either, my dear friends. Move forward with trust and faith in your worth and your abilities.

We are always here to guide you, as you know, and we do see your struggles and dilemmas, but we also have complete trust and faith in your ability to move through them by tuning into your Higher Selves and Creator, and with us as your guides as well you will come out the other end with much more understanding and assurances.

We love you and cherish your beautiful hearts and we know that the energies of late are bringing some confusion as you are presented with situations requiring you to acknowledge and let go of even more negative thoughts, experiences and old memories and as you filter them for others as well.

Take heart in the knowledge that you are up against a “wall” of sorts, created by all the leaving of the old and the introduction of the new, but that “wall” is penetrable and moveable and is shifting as we speak. In many ways, it just takes complete surrender and also belief in your abilities to clear the way for yourselves.

Yes, you have come such a long way and what you are experiencing now is a culmination and result of all that hard work. You are formidable Beings, designed to and capable of unscrambling this new frequency into many new possibilities, at your fingertips now.

Please take a moment now, dear ones, to assess your status right now. Are you filled with hope or are you getting discouraged? The energies of late have been daunting, to say the least, but you were made and endowed with the capability to transform them into a living example of courage and hope, into being a part of something so sustainable and wondrous, destined to be the guiding force of a Whole New World in this New Paradigm.

You are etching the form, and filling in the details with colors of the rainbow vibrating at a speed of unequaled proportions. We take it all in with wonder and yearning to see what you will create next. It is something of great proportions, banking on the progress you have made thus far.

You may not see it all clearly right now, but rest assured that what you are creating is monstrous and incredible and we support you every step of the way, as always.

Take in these coming energies of the Equinox with confidence that you will be witnessing more changes as you roll along through this year of significant transformation. It was foretold and it is so.

Your loving brother Yeshua and the Company of Heaven

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