Valerie Donner – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council – 13 March 2013

ValerieDonnerNewGreetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently working full time with the Earth Council.

We are deeply busy working to maintain balance upon the Earth. Our energies go out like the spokes of a wheel to hold steady the newer frequencies and the influx of Light. These powerful energies are a force field for change. They portend the elimination of all that does not serve the Earth or those living on the Earth with service to others not service to self. It is a big shakeup for many who have their own interests not the well being of all.

The Earth willingly gives to all but there are so many misappropriations of these energies that it is not serving the wellbeing of life. These discrepancies must be resolved and this is where realignment comes into play. On the Earth Council we consider all. The Legions of Light focus on repairing things that are out of order. In this manner it functions very much like the cells of the human body when there is disease only in this instance it is the cells of the body of the Earth. Each call attention to themselves and then change occurs. Balance becomes reinstated. This is happening everywhere on the planet. The energy is directed where there is the most need and then proceeds outwardly.

The clean-up crew is working diligently everywhere. From the smallest to the largest, the Earth’s elementals, nature spirits, devas, fairies, and others along with the ground crew, the Light Realms, Space Family and all of life are focused on assisting the Earth in the ascension process. The work that is being done is to keep most of life on the planet safe depending upon the soul’s calling.

The gracious loving Earth has been pulled down as far as a planet could go without losing her incarnation. Her intent to move back into her original state of consciousness is being honored. She has been patient with humanity and is moving into her eventual new position as a star.

We rely on the ground crew to assist with our work. What matters most is not the force of external power but the power of the force of Light. The Light needs to be the focus for this work will revamp the planet. It is the reason that we are working together towards this vision.

See the big picture now of how every thought matters and every act of caring, loving kindness to all creatures is a part of creating Heaven on Earth. When you live this way you are in resonance with each other with the new energetic template on the Earth. You are the co-creators of Heaven on Earth.

This is a reminder that we are working together for a consistent purpose as a part of the Divine Plan.

We love you and appreciate all that you are doing towards this cause.

I am Mira in loving service to the Earth. / link to original article

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