Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – 13 March 2013

ValerieDonnerNewDear Ground Crew,

How are you doing? Has your life been in a little intense lately? We have been dealing with some challenging energies with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces that is bringing up a lot of emotions. It looks like after Mercury goes direct on the 18h of March things should start heating up. Have any of you felt like it has been challenging to focus and get much accomplished? We are also coming out of three days of the Dark Moon energies.  

It has felt “funky” as one of my friends described it. Did any of you feel sadness in your heart around the end of last week March 6-8th? I have talked with other Lightworkers who felt similarly. It might have been something happening with the Earth that we don’t know about. As Lightworkers we are not only sensitive to the Earth but we are clearing energies for the entire planet. Don’t you agree that Mother Earth needs it?

Our Earth needs our love, support and healing. There are some hot spots that require intense focus. These include Syria, Egypt, Israel, Palestine and North and South Korea and any other place where you feel called to focus. Prayers, love and Light are necessary for us to create the peace that we believe is our future. The future is now so let’s get with it, ground crew.

Relationships that are out of alignment or out of integrity are being transparently brought to the Light for new choices. One enlightened friend said “The person with the highest consciousness in a situation is responsible for the resolution.” Think about what a responsibility we have as Lightworkers to clean up a lot of injustices and to right some wrongs.

The media continue to drive home guns, violence, fear, and upheaval, as their fear about losing control rises. Some of us have observed an influx of chemtrails. Mira said “They are doing this all around the world to keep humanity under control.” Who knows exactly what their nefarious intentions are but they are making their statements. They live in fear of the Light and it is our job to keep anchoring in the Light.

There are also some strange new diseases that spread rapidly and can keep people sick for several weeks. We must keep up our immune systems.

Have you noticed your increased empathy levels this year? It can be uncomfortable to feel as much as we do now however, it is necessary for our increased awareness and the expansion of our gifts. It might seem like we are making sacrifices but the rewards are plenty.

Victim consciousness is endemic. It is our opportunity to make empowered choices for ourselves. This gets us out of the blame game and into knowing that we always have choice. It is up to us to make choices that make us feel good about ourselves.

How are you doing with polarity since 12/21/12? Does is still fit in your consciousness? Someone said to me today that they think that “Obama is the anti-Christ.” My response to her was that I believe anyone who does not believe in love is the anti-Christ because what Christ taught was love. He represents unconditional love and truth.

Most of you know that great souls such as Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary and others, are composite souls. Their energy is so massive that it cannot fit into a single soul for the work they came to the planet to do. They are comprised of aspects of perhaps millions of souls. It has been said that Jesus’ aura was so large it was 30 miles around. If one touched his aura they could be healed. The upshot of this is that if someone tells you they are channeling one of these beings they are only speaking for maybe an aspect of that great being not the entire being. They can only bring in some of the energies of these powerfully gifted beings from our Creator.

It took a huge amount of energy and focus in the Light Realms to set the energies for Jeshua Ben Joseph to incarnate on the Earth 2000 years ago. Since his incarnation the Christed Family of Light continue to incarnate and anchor in these Christed energies. This is part of the work that the Lightworkers are doing. That is why we must stay focused on the Light and not get caught up in the dark. Polarity does not belong in the fourth dimension, which is what we are in now, even though we still have to be a part of 3D.

If you notice the subtle shifts in consciousness, the timelessness and almost nothingness of linear time, the need to be in the now moment, the ability for instantaneous manifestation, the closeness of the Light Realms, our guides, Masters, our Creator, you will begin to honor that we shifted since 12/21/12 and that we are creating Heaven on Earth. / link to original article

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