Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Releasing Preconceptions, the March Intensification and the Collective Lightworker Consciousness (Part 1) – 13 March 2013

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The Hathors have given a message that is intended for this timeframe we are in. A plethora of circumstances (including a gnarly flood in our basement last night) have stopped me from getting the full message ready, so I offer the first half today.

The strides, both energetic and physical, being made by the collective of humanity are much larger than is being reported. Whilst your media of course does not yet possess much of an energetic perspective of events occurring on your world at present, in the new paradigm you are all establishing the understanding of energy work makes way for each one of you to perform it as you grow more fully into and begin to realize and understand your roles.

There are so many “sleepers” right now who will be drawn to their natural roles as Lightworkers and energy workers, and so many souls on your world at present who are steeped in unawareness will find enlightenment and with it, an understanding of their abilities and their specific role in your developing New Age.

Consciousness is indeed rising all throughout your planet at present, and a steady awakening has been built upon for quite a while now. If you look at the condition your Earth is in, you will see that while there is much still needing addressed, discussed and repaired, it is in much better condition than it was some seventy years ago and the collective vibrations have been largely responsible for this.

While you will indeed still see and notice the collective feeding negativity and the lower vibrations that have only continued to hold you back, you can see as well that an incredible and rapid awakening is taking place in the minds and hearts of many who are discovering their roles and realizing that they are infinite and sovereign beings who have incarnated on your world to play those very roles.

Each of you will grow into a great understanding about what you personally are meant to do at this time and in the time ahead. Some of you will experience rapidly changing goals and roles, as you find yourselves addressing multiple aspects of the rebuilding of your world and the full and true establishing of the new paradigm.

There will be so very much to do to build your new paradigm, and there will be so very much to do once it is established as well.

So many facets of your world that run in distorted ways at present will give way for a great reworking, and an ability to restore each part of your world will strengthen exponentially as you collectively convene together and find ways to rebuild your world and make it work for every soul upon it.

The will of the people has always been meant to be heard, and the few with influence and power who have suppressed so much of your history and so many of the revelations and technologies that will drastically improve the lifestyle of humanity when given, have had their day in the sun and as they have attempted to hide themselves right out in the open, their actions have been exposed to the helm and will only continue to be as the will of each one of you increasingly sees it so.

Your very desire to see truth and exposure come about as well as your desire to breed and be a part of the new paradigm, will be magnified in the collective energies and the influence of your cause, as has been said before, will grow and grow until it is felt by each person, in their own unique ways.

We speak of every soul on your world growing into specific roles because of the belief of unaware souls being unable to see the Light or find a perspective that is near to those of the awakening Earth public.

We ask each of you to let go of judgment, of pre-conceptions and of former beliefs about any aspect of your reality, including the souls in it who still seem to be unawakened for as we and plenty of others have said, the goal for the ascension of your Earth is for every single human to ascend and in this beginning period, it will be difficult for the unawakened Earth public to do so if the energies of judgment or misconception are brought forth.

Higher dimensionality has been experienced by each one of you, in every past Life you have had. Even the cabal heads have experienced positivity in their Lives and while the vibrations that have driven them are largely against positivity; everybody has felt and accessed the higher dimensions and you have all been a part of wonderful communications with spirit even on the surface of your third dimensional Earth.

Do not worry for the fate of others who you feel may not awaken.

There is, of course, still the plan for any Earth soul who does not wish to ascend to relocate to another incarnation cycle on another third dimensional planet but again, the aim is for every soul on your world to find an equal opportunity to find the realms of the fifth dimension and to that extent, much will be given and discussed about your ongoing ascension.

Ascension will indeed be understood, and your entire Earth will know what ascension is as increasingly-pure states of consciousness are very boldly made known. This natural occurrence will be a result of the collective’s energies rising to unprecedented levels and levels that were not thought of when your dear Earth cried out for assistance so very long ago.

You have heard for so very long that you Create your realities individually and collectively, and the information that will be offered in the time ahead will certainly speak to those extents.

We would like for you to focus on the spiritual and energetic aspects of your reality as much or more than you do physical expectations or happenings, because your growth as a soul is just as important as external matters occurring on your world. When one can find a perfect balance of such things, one will be able to absorb information about both subjects without tipping out of balance in any avenue.

Balance has been discussed as the necessity that it is and will continue to be, and in the higher realms balance will not be emphasized as much because it will be natural and employed continually. In the fifth dimension, balance is a very key theme of the lessons you are given and while many of such lessons will be geared toward working to attain a further higher dimensional balance and harmony that you may be unable to perceive of at present; compared to what you experience now, the harmony and balance you will feel will simply be heavenly.

This is because they will be aspects of a heavenly fifth dimensional reality that has been highly misinterpreted, and the understandings of distorted by interests who wanted to keep such knowledge away from a populace they have wanted to keep under mental and emotional shackles.

The control of humanity that will be fully exposed as having been ongoing throughout generations and centuries, will lead man to an understanding of how to run your world. What we mean is that because of everything that’s been done wrong and purposefully distorted on your world in the way of running it and establishing governing bodies to those extents, you will all learn and discuss amongst yourselves the best ideas and ways to do what those who have pretended to be in your best interests have not been doing.

Again, we ask you not to worry about the cabals or their actions because they are and will continue to be a fading voice on a world that is ready to see the Light and collectively awaken. Subconsciously, you are all working toward and wishing for the greatest awakening to be found and realized within yourselves, and your vibrations which are veered toward the higher realms more than ever have been undergoing a now-intensified phase of their ongoing loosening and refinement process.

At the time this communication is being channeled, it is the beginning of the month of March in your year 2013. This message will not be seen until a while after it is given but we say this now and for the time this communication will be published: you have entered a very pure troth of Creation energies and as usual, we have had a very strong hand in sending these energies on to you.

We exist outside of time and as such, know the (general) time and date this communication is to be published, and we say to the dearest Lightworker public absorbing this communication at this time that the already-intensified usual symptoms accompanying this ongoing transition will be making themselves known, but you will find yourselves increasingly able to get away from them.

The beginning of your month of March initiated you into further purer states of consciousness, and many of you who are reading this now have perhaps found your manifestations coming to you in an even more rapid manner than usual and as you absorb this communication, we are readying for you and in some cases, sending your way, much purer energies than you have seen all throughout your developing year of 2013.

With the changing of the seasons come more increases in energy and whilst some of you will continue to feel the physical and emotional difficulty accompanying these shifts, we say that you can tap into your natural Lighted energies to bring forth positivity and an uplifted perspective in the face of the ongoing Earth experience. You can also ask us to send our energies of healing and blessing down for you to absorb, and you can affirm that the blessings being given in the collective Lightworker consciousness be sent your way as well.

We would like to discuss the collective Lightworker consciousness and the infinite benefits tapping into it can provide you.

The collective Lightworker consciousness is essentially what it suggests. It is a section of the overall collective consciousness of the Earth, which contains the collective energies of each awakening and developing Lightworker.

Souls are entering and exiting this consciousness every day and when you can consciously or meditatively tap into it and feel it’s energy and the energies so many Lightworkers are giving out at present, which are copied into the collective Lightworker consciousness when expressed no matter what they are for; you will find yourselves able to access healing and Lighted energies that are sent out from each Lightworker and as such, will be so very pure in structure.

Harmony and bliss will pervade the emotions and feelings of every soul who begins to tap into the collective Lightworker consciousness, and it is being offered for each of you who are awakening to find and feel in yourselves as a part of your ongoing quest for knowledge and Light. Every one of you can telepathically convene with each other upon the planes of your astral “imagination” and specifically, you can commune within this portion of your collective consciousness which, of course, is not “cut off” in the sense of being isolated from the rest of the human consciousness.

Indeed, you are all united in spirit with every facet of your Earth and your collective, and the collective consciousness of the Earth is not limited or localized to humanity. Oh no, your collective consciousness is comprised of every aspect of your Earth.

The computer many of you are reading this from is feeding its energies into the collective consciousness; the rock you may see outside is feeding its energies into the collective consciousness; every animal; every plant; every tree; we could go on and on and each of these things are tapping into and communicating with your collective consciousness.

You all experience localized facets of your collective consciousness, but you are not actually separated from those you perceive yourselves to be because of cultural borders as countries and races. You are all united in the realms of spirit, and the natural spirituality you all feel within subconsciously permeates the minds and hearts of each of you, Creating the collective consciousness-network that is your Earth.

Humanity has employed the localized consciousness and the instated barriers formed in your overall collective, and these barriers which are energetic and mental in nature will be torn down and dissolved not by us, but by each of you when the harm they have caused upon your collective consciousness is explained.

Separation, division and prejudice have no place in the sovereign future you are Creating, and those who will initially fight against establishing your new paradigm or enacting the ideals behind it, will find their own ascension in their own time. You souls who are awakening have so very much work to do now, and in the time ahead you will find that your efforts were far worth what you will have established.

We will continue to encourage the efforts of each one of you to help the Earth rise out of states of consciousness that held Her and you all in bondage for far longer than was intended.

Darkness has, for the most part, been lifted and its only fading influence is the one that’s being fed by humanity which, as has been said, is feeding into a disintegrating illusory hologram. The original negative astral beings who have manipulated the minds and hearts of humanity and of the cabals who have themselves manipulated humanity, are no longer working from a position of negativity and are instead experiencing a self-instated pure form of containment that goes far beyond what many of the cabal heads are experiencing at present.

Continued in Part 2 soon.

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