John Ward – Revealed In Full : Connections FromThe Rocks Lane Of YesterYear To The Coalition Cabinet Today – 14 March 2013

cchthreeNone of the above are paedopihiles. So why are they shown here?

Eurosites start to speak plainly about the Elm House scandal

Eight Monday Club Members in the frame

Prominent Conservative donors and former Ministers, MI5 agents and senior diplomats, policemen and local government officials: they’re all on the Elm House list, and they all offer clues about Plod’s foot-dragging over the case. The Slog analyses the names, the connections, and the motives.

Over the last ten days, a body of French and Dutch speaking websites have been posting articles about ‘The emerging paedophile scandal in England, and its ramifications for the Netherlands’. Since the McAlpine episode (and the BBC incompetence surrounding it) UK and Eurozone based child molesters have looked on well-satisfied at the peer’s Threat Campaign and its consequent effect. In the UK media – even in its blogosphere – this has been to damp down, and in many cases extinguish completely, all information about the activities of a vicious Establishment paedophile ring during the 1970s and 1980s. Dead perpetrators, it seems, are fair game: so Cyril Smith, Anthony Blunt and Jimmy Savile are out there. The simple reason is that you cannot in law libel or slander a dead person. One could think of this as a sort of cowardly necrophilia on the part of the British MSM: but as The Slog predicted at the time, the main result of McAlpine’s entirely savvy fear-offensive has been to place the guilty men under even closer protection.

The Rocks Lane scandal (which has seen only sporadic media coverage since Labour MP Tom Watson’s silence-inducing Commons question last October) is in reality a large-scale but relatively straightforward case of paedophile networking, local government bribery, Home Office cover-ups, and international child trafficking.

The facts as established by the dedicated team investigating the Elm House/Richmond Council/Rocks Lane abuse are these. Most of the visitors to the house were showbizz or political celebrities, all the children were supplied by Richmond Council in return for money, and all the children were in the Council’s “care” home system at the time. The worst abuse seems to have been during the 1978-92 period, after which sniffing around by police and journalists on various occasions caused the regulars at Elm House to go underground. A reasonably large number of the children were also trafficked abroad, chiefly to paedophile rings in Holland.

But my last post on this (linked above) on February 27th predicted that the UK MSM would name a senior former Conservative Minister from the Thatcher era, and that his collar would be felt by the police, within hours. I posted this because a very good source close to the case told me so. I still think that person believed it would happen. It hasn’t. Look at some of the European mainland-based sites about the case, and it’s not hard to see why.

When Watson asked his question (although of course the Prime Minister had notice of it) the stunned silence in the House was curiously reflected by David Cameron’s obvious discomfiture. We are five months on, and once more the Mouse of Plod keeps bisecting the distance between himself and the Hole of Justice. Meanwhile, the Paedophile Pussy Cat purrs contentedly, waiting to pounce.

Evidence now being examined by Metropolitan Plod links 69 year-old Sherborne resident Charles Napier to Peter Righton. Now widely reported as a high-profile child-abuser (he’s dead, so it’s OK to do that) Righton was one of Britain’s most high-profile and prolific paedophiles. He founded the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), while Napier was at one-time its treasurer.

As one so often finds in this grubby underworld, Righton was a leading child protection specialist….another penetrator of a wide-open care system. When police raided his house in 1992 they found not only hard-core child abuse images from Amsterdam, but an enormous body of correspondence proving beyond any doubt that he and Napier had organised a network of paedophiles right across the Globe.

But hold three thoughts there: Righton was raided in 1992 (after which the Elm House devotees scurried back under their stones), there was an obvious Amsterdam link, and there was clearly a help-each-other Odessa-style protection and child-marketing system. (Further, in 1981, Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens gave the Home Secretary Leon Brittan a dossier about Elm House. It disappeared, and Brittan’s alleged attendance at the guest house abruptly ceased.)

Plod then raided Napier’s flat in London, and found correspondence in which he boasted of prolific child abuse while working for the British Council. While doing so, he collected hard-core child porn and sent it back to the UK for distribution….via the diplomatic bag.

The Slog has posted several times about the British Council, and also about the Diplomatic Bag scam. This cypher route was used on several occasions by a senior British euro-politician for the same purpose. If the solids do ever start to hit the fan about all this, the Government’s defence will be as follows: this was all a long time ago, and oh alright then one or two of them were senior Tories, but there are no links to anyone currently holding power today.

Because of libel fears, I think there is every chance they might pull that one off. I also believe firmly now that at least two media proprietors and the security services will be aiding and abetting in the process…for reasons that will become clear below. The problem is, there is only a slim chance that this represents the truth.

There exists a list of Elm House regulars. The only raid done by Plod in the last few months has been of a victim support group to take the list off them. Why? Once again here, we have all the hallmarks of a cover-up – to follow those seemingly conducted by three separate Home Secretaries and two Welsh Secretaries over the last thirty or more years. To my knowledge, nobody has yet analysed just how explosive this Elm House visitor list is, or indeed if it’s genuine. I have tried (and failed) to find out if Plod thinks the list is genuine – I do find it odd that criminal sex perverts would leave such obvious evidence at the crime-scene – and I have tried to find any evidence of those on it taking the obvious step for any innocent person – that is, going public to denounce the document as a load of old tosh.

All I can say is that, if it is genuine, then the ‘all a long time ago’ defence simply won’t wash. My sense is that the Coalition Cabinet is sh**ting bricks about this, and that the cops are under enormous pressure to drop the whole affair. Let’s take the European site content I’ve been observing in recent days (yet again, thanks to Slogger alerts) and precis what the more reliable purveyors of the list are saying.

In a nutshell, it goes like this. There are eight members of the Monday Club on it. This former rightwing Tory MPs’ group was very influential during the early Thatcher years. They are Harvey Proctor, John Rowe (an MI5 operative and enthusiastic organiser of trips to Amsterdam), Richard Miles, Thatcher adviser and husband of Virginia Bottomley, Peter Bottomley, Peter Campbell, Peter Glencross the editor of the Monday Club’s newsletter, Stan Matthews (not the famous footballer) and Charles Irving. Bottomley was active in Child Charities, and Irving was a serious player in the youth rehabilitation service. Yet more penetration.

Former MI5 operative, Buckingham Place Art curator and known Soviet Agent Anthony Blunt makes several appearances. So too does one R Langley, a Buckingham Palace official.

In turn, there are two pop stars on it – Jess Conrad and Cliff Richard. Richard apparently signed in as ‘Kitty’. BBC DJ and colleague of Jimmy Savile Chris Denning is there, as is Savile himself.

Leon Brittan is clearly visible on the list. He was at the centre of the Westland Helicopters debacle in the 1980s, over which Michael Heseltine resigned. Funnily enough, Guy Blackwell-Hamilton –  the son of Westland’s Chairman – is also on it. A clumsy attempt was later made to smear Heseltine with sex offences himself. One wonders who organised it.

Several members of Richmond Council appear: John Stingemore, Ron Thornton, Donald Naismith, Louis Minster, and Chris Carter.

Three Met Police officers are on the list: Roderick Smeaton, Chris Wicks, and Elizabeth Meredith.

Other notable odds and sods include Liberal MP Cyril Smith, former GLC leader George Tremlett, former National Front fuhrer Colin Jordan, and Sinn Fein’s Gary Walker.

Now you don’t have to be Sexton Blake to see the possibilities here. Eight members of an influential Thatcherite Club isn’t a coincidence, it’s a cabal. Two people actively involved in a Cabinet scandal over arms deals is potentially toxic. Three police regulars is a hard one to explain. And five Richmond Councillors is…well, a conspiracy we now know to be fact.

In addition, there is the British Council. A senior member was Virginia Bottomley, who handed her SW Surrey constituency to second cousin Jeremy Hunt. A diplomat with the BC was importing kiddie porn through the diplomatic bag, a practice also alleged to have been used by Leon Brittan when he was an EU Commissioner. Bottomley’s husband Peter is on the list. His wife Virginia is a promoter of private health interests, and the current Health Secretary is Jeremy Hunt, a man bankrolled by JHJ Lewis of the Groucho Club, in turn accused of running a PIE-style website. Leon Brittan gave Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg his first EU job. Prime Minister David Cameron hired Brittan as a Trade Consultant in 2010…on Clegg’s recommendation.

There are two MI5 agents there. Blunt’s tastes in young boys were almost certainly the method by which Soviet agents blackmailed him into continuing his work for them during the Cold War. A former head of MI5 is widely believed to have been an active paedophile. Never more than arm’s length away from the security service is the diplomatic service. Prominent on the Elm House list is Peter Hayman, a founder of PIE. In 1978 Hayman left a package of paedophilia related materials on a London bus. He was investigated by police but not charged. Hayman had a glittering civil service career as director general of the British Information Services in New York between 1961-64 and then deputy commandant of the British military government in West Berlin from 1964 to 1966. Then, from 1970 to 1974, he served as the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom to Canada. More to the point, he was a very senior spook.

These connections are not made to suggest guilt or in any way accuse these peripheral players of being paedophiles. They are made and researched to illustrate precisely why only minnows on Richmond Council and cadavers are being outed: all the major players in British governmental life – politicians, the police, the security services, the diplomatic service and Whitehall in general either know of – or fear – there is more to come out and have something serious to lose here. When I wrote earlier in this piece that the ‘no link to the present Cabinet’ line was bollocks, I meant that the sheer weight of connections and coincidences simply don’t support it.

There is also yet more evidence in all this to show that paedophile activities are rarely random: they are the result of support groups, clever penetrations via bent recommendation, systemically organised networks in the childcare sector, overseas networks, and organised child trafficking. The listed names I have left out for now are those organisers, apparatchiks, pimps and general suppliers engaged in all this. I have not yet had time to research their connections. But I will in due course.

The ‘rumour and innuendo’ attack that normally greets pieces like this one have run out of road. It is as risible as ‘we must stop bashing bankers’, ‘phone hacking is all a lot of leftwing poppycock’, ‘gold manipulation is a myth’ and all the rest of the indefensible depravity of contemporary society that the Boris Johnsons of this world choose to defend. Either we will prosecute the Role of Law fearlessly or we won’t. And if we won’t, then it’s all over for our culture.

Stay tuned.

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