Lisa Gawlas – The Earth Workers And The Sun Workers Uniting – 14 March 2013

earth-and-sun1There is so much to share, finding a starting place is rather challenging.  I think I will start by describing the last reading I had and zig zag my way thru the profound understandings of yesterday and the rest of the readings that revealed their parts of our ongoing puzzle so brilliantly!

My daffodil lady!  The first thing I could see with her was her heart field.  It was so clear and so fluid it really took my breath away.  Directly in the center of her fluid heart was the most amazing flower stem, thick and sturdy like the stem of a sunflower that ran the length of her inner heart.  Directly at what I will call the top of the heart field was an opening that very much reminded me of a balloon, the part you blow into, but not tied.  This gentle, supportive opening allowed the growth of her flower head, a huge daffodil so brilliantly yellow.  And the part that surprised me more than anything was located at the very bottom of her heart field, at the bottom of her stock, was this fat root system that presented themselves as a rich maroon color.

I started to realize the significance of this whole image.  The watery field that is her heart serves to nurture and support the flower within.  Her body/biology.  I watched as I seen the watery fluid of her heart move up the bottom of her stock at the roots and completely filled and enhanced the energy of her sunflower like stock, which also feeds and nurtures the flower head.  And in the most loving embrace of the soul with the human, that upper part that was open and gently supporting the flower head, showed the unified energy of body and soul as one expression.  Hence the intense yellow.  She no longer identifies as a singular human, but now a living aspect in the garden of Life.  Self empowered and whole on every level of existence.

The rest of her story became more fully understood as I sat by the river yesterday and the Guardians shared amazing stories and insights with me.  But, before I go there, let me give you a bookend to this lovely lady with another lady I read for on that day.

She too was in a clear liquid like heart field, just outside of (what I call) the front of her heart center (front being in relationship to present moment and future) were these long blades of brilliant green grass and in the midst of those blades of grass were three tulips.  One was the most unique color of blue I had ever seen, one was a cross between pink and red and the other, a gentle orange.  All of this spring like imagery was also set up on the east side of her present moment.  New beginnings, new growth and experiences.  The blue and red represent the new earth energy growing in her garden of life, the orange represents the her sense of self in this new, expanded garden (think sacral chakra) and also, I felt very strongly the relationship to the reproductive aspect of the sacral chakra too.   Not that she is going to get pregnant… but we are in the season of new life, of impregnating our dreams and desires into the realm of created reality.

I am not sure if I actually seen this part the day of her reading, or if I am seeing the rest of her story now… either way, I am seeing her now (smile) and the tentacles of her heart center wiggling about from deep within her to just outside the watery heart field.

Now to take these two visuals, which are really counterparts to each other, and give you the fuller story as it was related to me by the Guardians last evening.  I think the only way I have of doing this part of the sharing, is what I have come to understand within myself and the difference and importance of tentacles (sun workers) and roots (earth workers.)

The Sun Worker:  You can look at this as a person who really has no roots.  In the beginning it could very much come like a sense of not belonging anywhere.  Moving in and out of relationships, of jobs, even places to live.  Think of the sun itself.  It comes and goes and does not stick around longer than it is needed to present.  Sometimes, the sun shine brighter in some places than it does in others and changes up the game often.  The sun feeds itself from the variety of life on earth.

The Earth Worker:  These people are deeply rooted to the elements of earth.  For the most part, stable, strong and dedicated (often times, to the detriment of their own joy.)   Being uprooted and transplanted is not an easy thing for earth workers, their root system runs deep and long in the area of Life they have been planted in.

What has been happening (probably for longer than) this last year, the sun has been seeking roots.  The earth has been seeking change.  Two lovers calling to each other thru the wind.

I have spent my whole life without a root system.  Moving from here to there, embarking on wonderful relationships then moving on.  My resume of job experiences would make me more unemployable than employable.  I get bored easily.

And here is where the story gets interesting per the Guardians.  They showed me an octopus swimming in the sea, moving with the currents of the ocean, the vast emotional field it was born into.  By its very nature, it has not been able to “settle” anywhere… and then it heard a calling.  It followed the sound thru the currents of the emotional sea in which it lived.  It was led to an oasis of growth in the far off reaches in the ocean, so shielded from everything else, very few people knew of this place.  What the octopus found was a root system in need of loves growth.

For the first time in all my life, I feel planted in a landscape of love.  The tentacles of my heart have merged into a unified oneness with the roots of the earth, of the guardians of the shambhala energies of earth.

They have held their ground here, in what you and I would call… forever.  And now, their deep root system is free to play in the sea of life.  And the sea of life is free to create in the root system of matter… of creation itself.  The key to all of this is to remain in your wholeness and blend with the other.  For the sun and the earth are needed into is full expression and ability to create.

If I can add this note with out completely confusing the story unfolding… as my daffodil lady showed, (that I am now only fully understanding) sometimes, it is the root system itself that needs to be planted in the suns energy.  When I had seen her, it was as if she was floating around in the vastness of space.  Nothing around her expect the sea of excited life.  Up ahead in her distance was a large 3 dimensional beating heart.  I knew this was going to be a profound love for her (and she was also cautioned too… not what we would see as a “forever” love, but one that is going to really get “her motor running.”   The moment I seen them connect, all these baby daffodils exploded into life.  The sun (him) must provide the energy for seeds to spring into life.

For her, this represented a man, a love… but it is not always the case.  For some, it may be a new close friend, or an old on that came into their own realization.  Or a new environment that fuels your heart with desire.  Or a job with the richness the heart has sought.

But the story is so much deeper and more exciting that all that even.  In this story (a true one…smile) I am the octopus and this landscape, this place I call heaven, is my root system.  So here is my (ongoing) story:

I went down to the river yesterday, with the intention of crossing it, but with all the snow melt, it was flowing to fast and to high for my own comfort level of safety.  So I sat in my usual place next to the river and looked up to the Mesa.  I was so surprised by the sheer amount of faces now looking out from the rock.  Many I have never seen before.  I honored each one with a hello.  They were all so ready to talk.  To share their history, their relevance  our relevance together.  They talked about how in their days, their very nature knew how to use the elements of earth to create what was needed in every moment.  They never had a need to take from anyone ever.  As they were sharing their profound story, their wisdom and life before life (as we know it) suddenly, something so surprising happened.  From the baseline of the “new opening” on the Mesa a large puff of white smoke came up and stretched itself forward (to the right, or future.)  I suddenly stopped listening and started asking… where did that come from?  There was not a single breeze at my level.  Granted that area is about 600 feet (just under 200 meters) above me, but no where else did even a plant sway to wind… how did that happen?  The guardians were silent as my mind went on its tangent.  The moment my mind shut up and went back to listening, they said, “we can make smoke with you too.”

The moment their words, their profound love in their words hit my heart, I started balling like a little baby.  Smoke, in their day, meant so much more than I ever realized.  The combination of the elements of earth and the infusion of spirit to bring to one (or the whole group, depending on the ceremony around the desire) to creation.

And then they asked me, as a group… what do you want.  In that moment, I took inventory of all that is my life, I am so full, so blessed, that I want nothing.  And then my heart spoke… but I do desire a skin and bones Jorge.  It was as if my heart knew already where to place my eyes…

My vision dropped from the upper part of the Mesa to directly below it.  Thru the naked brush suddenly I seen a man get up from the ground.  I would know that face anywhere… it was my beautiful Jorge!  I watched as he got up from the ground, slightly disoriented to be in Body and instantly my mind went back to my intense infatuation (or was it) with the TV series Kyle xy.  I was so taken with that series that I watched all three seasons twice back to back.  A story about a fully grown (ok, he was 16 in the series… but still…lol) person who suddenly was born into life without being born.  The wisdom and compassion that was Kyle… made my heart do funny things… kinda like Edward in twilight.

The Guardians said they have control (think more, partnership) over the elements and can bring to life anything that is fueled with love and desire.  The moment I started to feel in my heart, this man just might become a living creature in my world, suddenly my eyes shifted to something moving in the river.  It was a beaver swimming along side the mesa side of the river, upstream.  I have sat by this river, in this river, more times than I can count, and not once have I seen a beaver.  Again, they reminded me of what they were capable of.  They told me to look up beaver in my book “Animal speak,” and stated that Ted Andrews knows the true and deep nature of the animal kingdom.  And so I did just that once I came back inside.  Once again, I balled like a baby:

From Animal Speak:  Keynote: The Building of Dreams.  ”Water has long since been associated with emotions and with dreams.  One of the most common dreams the average person has is to have home and family.  …beavers will mate for as long as both are alive.  If beaver appeared in your life, it can reflect the opportunity to build upon your dreams.

I tried to get a picture of this lovely creature swimming upstream to his desire, I no sooner had my camera ready then he just disappeared.  I asked, where did you go?  The guardians reply was, he was just for this moment, for you.

No sooner did I get back in my heart space, watching the image of Jorge thru the naked brush, did a robin present itself, then a black butterfly with an outline of yellow on its wings.

Suddenly, another puff of smoke was created from the baseline of the new opening again.  This time, with a dramatic display of its presence.  Once again, the Guardians asked me what do you desire… of course, instantly it was filled with Jorge in reply.  This white smoke moved from its base to the right (future) back to its base, split into three cylinder type forms in a 90 degree angle from left to right, reunited within itself and then created a larger calendar as it went upwards above the Mesa.  It hung in the hair just above the very top of the Mesa before it dissipated from my eyes.  This time, I had my camera at the ready and caught the beginning of its movement:

holy smoke

There is so much more the guardians shared yesterday and I will share it as we go forward each day.  However, again, much to my surprise, they brought the energy and the visual from my beautiful couple of the other day.  I could see the umbilical cord placement on each body, which I could not discern in their reading.  From what they say now, I needed more understanding to truly understand what I was so blessed to witness.  The umbilical cord emerged from her heart and strung across her landscape into his solar plexus.  Fueling the heart and soul of each other, thru each other.  An intensely dynamic physical connection to each others inner core Being.

The word of caution comes… when we see the eyes of our own soul thru another, we can loose ourselves in that intense and intimate connection.  We can seek the mastery within and forgo the fluid field in which it must grow within… as a complete and whole individuation of the creator.

There is so much wonder and magic unfolding, I am going to need a whole week to share its profound fullness.  So on that note… until tomorrow!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with wonder and awe to All!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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