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Awareness and awakening are now covering the planet like a soft, flannel blanket. Everyday it spreads further outside the boundaries and warms everyone it touches. Hearts are springing open and the whole atmosphere of the planet it shifting. The old paradigm still remains for now, but it is quickly being pushed to the side by this new way of being. This awareness and awakening started off as a few blue flowers and has spread to the far reaches of the globe. It’s power cannot be denied nor stopped nor silenced. It is what it is and it is growing everyday. I hope you are choosing to be a part of this wave that is carrying us all into the new world. Do not fight the forward motion but rather open your heart and allow it to sweep you along to a better way of being. It’s time has come and we are fortunate enough to be one of the blue flowers that are creating this magical blanket.

This time on earth is unlike any other and are we not blessed to be witness to such an amazing, universal growth spurt? This growth spurt not only has legs and is moving quickly, it has sprouted wings and taken flight. All that is required to be part of this phenomenon is to have an open heart filled with love and compassion for all and to no longer entertain the evil aspects of ego such as judgment, greed, and hatred. Those are the old ways in which we lived. They didn’t work then and they certainly will not work now! These old ways of being and thinking are what we must learn to let go of and move beyond. That is what our purpose is at this stage in life.

We are all being swept up in a rush of wanting to make things in the world better, becoming better people ourselves, reaching out to others, being of service in one way or  another. We are learning to grow outside of ourselves for a change. We are trying on new ways of being like shoes to see if we fit, are we comfortable, how do I look in it. We have never been here before, we are treading on unfamiliar ground and so we are testing the waters. The shoe seems to be fitting nicely and as the new style catches on everyone is beginning to want to look the same. We are rushing head long into the magic of the new world.

It is so life altering to be part of this massive push to freedom. It harkens up the images of race horses at the starting gate, wild-eyed with excitement to burst loose. There are many unfortunately still lost in the old world but I have come to see that is necessary for the balance of the world. If too many shifted over all at once we would no longer be in balance. Everything in the world has its own balance and we must respect the world to know where it stands and what it must do to maintain that balance. I am sure if it needs to have more awakened beings, it will see that they are awakened. It is time to finally understand that everything is as it should be and trust in that.The world needs our trust, it always has and we have not done a good job of that. It is time now to step forward and trust life with all our hearts!

Blessings to us all,

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