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Lucas – Understanding Oneness And A Call For Worldwide Meditation – 15 March 2013

earthinourhandsIn the morning talks I often have with Bill the questions about the polarity  and duality issues still played out got our attention.  It is clear as long as we still fight the fight we will be engaged in a battle. It does not matter fighting with light or fighting with dark.  It is time to let go of the battle within and an on the outside of ourselves.  The fight is over and the we need to see we are ONE. Continue reading


Bill Ballard – (SPREAD FAR AND WIDE) Call For Global Light Meditation 3-19-13 7PM UTC – 12 Noon US Pacific – 15 March 2013

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Ariah Velasquez – Increasing the Silence – 13 March 2013


Increasing the silence within will allow you to see the deep things you have been longing for, needing, or struggling with.  This silence can come in many ways, but the silence is about quieting the areas in the mind and psyche that are activated towards pain.  The silence can come from transmission from a teacher, an “A-HA” moment, meditation, or by mistake in the wee small hours of the morning, usually the holy hour around 3am.  If you wake at around this time, you are probably being asked by your higher self to increase the silence somewhere that is activated inside of you.

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Peter Van Runt – Energy Theft How to Avoid It – Part 1 and 2 – Avoid Energy Parasites – 15 March 2013

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Lisa Gawlas – The Human Now Witnessing Love In Its Expression And Magic! – 15 March 2013

witnessI am really starting to learn some new things about Love.  I think, up until this morning, I have always seen the energy of Love as a passive player on earth, in life, in our hearts.  Allowing, without intrusion.  I have decided, I am wrong.

Love has an agenda and it has come out of the closet for full on interaction.

How many times have we referred to our soul, our higher consciousness as “the silent witness.”  It has allowed life to unfold according to each human.  Learning, observing, taking notes. Continue reading

AmericanKabuki – Are You In The Illusion Or Of It? – 15 March 2013

Are you IN the illsuion or OF it?
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This evolution is not perfect but the message gets across in a fun way. Compared to my first primitive pen, pencil, and marker rendition of “Are We Ready?” [to jump out of the Illusion] last week, digital is the way to go and I thank Word Press and some bloggers for the evolutionary leap. This is my second attempt to use Sketchbook since Wednesday. I’m having tech problems with Corel. Continue reading

Méline Lafont – About The New Pope And Everything Around It, That is Attracting Our Energies And Attention – My Observation – 15 March 2013

attractionWhat a time and action are upon us all sweet ones !! Wow, so much is happening, shiftings being prepared and activated.. We are on the brink of so much more to come and this is our ride, ladies and gentlemen!  Isn’t this amazing?!  As we are entering the new energies that are emerging from the spring equinox, it is made clear to all of us to really work on the time issues and boundaries that we create with our minds.  It is time to let these go for good now precious hearts, now it’s the real big deal and no more excercises or adaptations anymore at this stage we are entering now, but real action and work to be continued. Continue reading

WakeUpWorld – Michael Roads – Transition Into Love… The Shattering Of Illusions – 15 March 2013

The energy of the world is making a shift. Energy is rising. Chaos is rising. Whether we are aware of it or not, this is causing a huge reaction in humanity. You could say that there are the believers (the few), and the non-believers (the many). Interesting times! History indicates that the few have always been right; the many, wrong. Are we to repeat history? We are in a unique period of living transition. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Huge Solar Eruption As Another One Strikes Earth – 15 March 2013

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