Bill Ballard – (SPREAD FAR AND WIDE) Call For Global Light Meditation 3-19-13 7PM UTC – 12 Noon US Pacific – 15 March 2013

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I have been guided to call for a Global Meditation on 3/19/13 at 7PM UTC or 12:00 Noon USA Pacific Time. This is to Shine Light on Mother Earth. On March 20th, Barack Obama will be going to the place of Jesus/Yeshua’s Last Supper on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He will be there on the following day of the Spring Equinox 3/20/13 with 12 Republicans. It is very much like Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, (Obama — Democratic Donkey) having his dinner with 12 apostles (Obama in the same place with 12 Republicans). These persons are the ones who have been building the World towards the Armageddon scenario. The week before Pope Benedict stepped down last month, he had negotiated the entrance and seating at the place of the Last Supper.

As of February 22, 2013 we have now entered the 2nd Half of the Great Tribulation. How this goes, no one knows. We all know what new legalities these same persons who are going to the place of Jesus Last Supper, have been doing to enslave and depopulate and control the planet and humanity. WE KNOW of the rituals that are done in places like Bohemian Grove by these persons. WE know of their attempts to create as much dark and chaotic events so we give them our powers… I know in my heart it is time to stop the madness. I ask that we all join in as ONE to focus our LIGHT upon this situation.

It is interesting to me this is falling on the First Day of Spring, or what we know as a time of Rebirth. It is also quite interesting that since we have not had CMEs unleashed at us from the Sun in some time, that one of the largest in a long time will be here early on March 17. These CMEs amp the LIGHT on Earth and will for all individuals who embody that LIGHT, and focus upon it in order to transfigure their physical beings, to purify their bodies and beings, of cellular toxins and quantum magnetics.

Use this incoming CME, and raise your frequency and Light Quotient and then please join with me to focus that for this global meditation. Now is a VERY CRITICAL TIME for humanity. Those of us who are awakened can do much to change the possible scenarios, as timelines are and still will continue to merge until we finally reach that point of “The End of Time” aka, End Times… We have passed the Shift of Ages on December 21, 2012… These are two different events.

There are 3 Videos in this series explaining all occurring with this event best I could. Please share in any way you can, or organize your own events, in whatever way you feel called to do. Make the LIGHT you shine ongoing even after this event concludes. Make it a permanent focused Merkabah of LIGHT that surrounds that area of Jerusalem, of those still in the dark, of all humanity and surrounding Mother Earth, in order to bring them through this Birthing Of New Earth.

It is my honor to be here with you on Earth at this time going through these changes. It is time we join as the ONE we TRULY ARE, to make this shift.

With so much LOVE for ALL Humanity!
Bill Ballard

Pope Benedict negotiates seats in the place of Jesus Last Supper…

Obama taking 12 Republicans to place of Last Supper for Spring Equinox…

IN sync, as I “Saved” #3 of this series, it was exactly 11:44am… How ironic! LOVE!

Please Help Make This Information Go Viral by Sharing or Even with Making Your Own Writing/video/radio programs, anyway you can. LOVE

(Lucas : For me the meditation is not upon the focus of the coming true or not of prophesies of the old powers, cabal, end times, etc. We are focussing on light and intent to shift all humanity into their hearts and 5D. )

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