Lisa Gawlas – The Human Now Witnessing Love In Its Expression And Magic! – 15 March 2013

witnessI am really starting to learn some new things about Love.  I think, up until this morning, I have always seen the energy of Love as a passive player on earth, in life, in our hearts.  Allowing, without intrusion.  I have decided, I am wrong.

Love has an agenda and it has come out of the closet for full on interaction.

How many times have we referred to our soul, our higher consciousness as “the silent witness.”  It has allowed life to unfold according to each human.  Learning, observing, taking notes.

In the setting of the readings, especially this month of March, I realized something huge changed in the way the readings happen.  I, the Lisa part of me, have become the silent witness.  The energy of my soul, those crazy ass tentacles that are now the energy and Source of the readings (for those who have allowed themselves movement into their orbital field of the heart) runs the show in every way.

My first reading of the day yesterday, really showed me what I have not yet understood.  The moment we were in the connection together, my tentacles reached out to his new orbital heart field and squeezed the ba-jesus out of him like an empty soda can.  OMG, what the hell is that about!!??  Whats even more crazy, this body of mine started burping thru his reading.  Weird!

My beautiful man is one of those earth workers, his root system very much aligned to earth and her well-being.  He was just transplanted yet again to a new environment.  A setting he has never experienced before, he now has 2 house mates.  One male, one female.  Our greatest growth can come from cross pollination.     To observe and be aware.     The time to take in the extra fertilization that comes from others and also recognize the toxic soil that is within, thru the experience of others.  For earth workers, this is a vital aspect of their own growth in these moments.

We can also land in our new environments (the galaxy of the heart) with some air bubbles still floating around.  Those pockets of ego talk and desire.  The squeeze my tentacles did to him upon contact was to force out the air bubbles.

What was also interesting about him, his whole body was black, filled with the deep unknown within him.  His own soul had said this time period is not to be seeking in the outside world (for partnerships) but to come into full realization within himself.  Each realization will add the colors of his new form, his true life as he goes.  He was also given a time frame of about 3 months.

Now fast forward to my fourth reading of the day… same darn thing.  I squeezed the ba-jesus out of her, with an even bigger surprise.  She ejected out of her watery heart field.  What the hell?  Are we even supposed to be out of this watery heart field?  Her presence, her radiance was very much like my daffodil lady… I couldn’t take my energy field off of her.  And trust me, it is so much more than the way “I see you” there is a whole, impossible to describe, energy field that vibrates in your new form and the Lisa witnessing, is memorized by it all!!

She was just hovering above her heart field in this form I recognized immediately   A massive butterfly with its wings still very much wrapped around itself and the most brilliant yellow I have seen.  But it was her face that really surprised me.  Her hair was a silvery gray, her face as pure as porcelain.  Her facial features were close to non-existent.   Her team had said, the hair represents her crown of wisdom, her face is pure and no longer requires identity within the human form.

They allowed us to time lapse into her near future where we could see her wings spread out wide.  OMG it was breathtaking.  Her body resembled that of a pussy willow all fuzzy like.  Her wings were sooooo much larger than the body and a thick, gel like yellow… allowing her to both swim and fly.  And thru her fuzzy pussy willow body, out came the tentacles!!

Even with her, my body was burping up as storm.  A forced release of what is within… coming out.

As I ponder the enormity of this month called March, there are so many things I am realizing about us, besides the fact that we are FREAKIN AMAZING (smile)… LOVE, the soul that has sit quietly and patiently behind the veil of life, is not only coming into form, but also, being a very active force on this stage of New Life.

The human has become the silent witness, at least for now.  If you can imagine, we are now within our super duper rocket ship and it is the soul who knows how to use its power.  For the human to think it does, is for the ego to step up and take over.  And yet, to allow yourself to witness a moment in the same way the soul has witnessed us getting to here, is to truly and fully learn how to use the power, the creational power that is available to us in our new forms.

We are impregnating each other, teaching each other, squeezing each other into New Life.  The true awakening is at hand, at it has always been about the Soul!

And on that note… I have to close, my day is already underway!!

((((HUGZ)))) of joy, wonder and witnessing!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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