Lucas – Understanding Oneness And A Call For Worldwide Meditation – 15 March 2013

earthinourhandsIn the morning talks I often have with Bill the questions about the polarity  and duality issues still played out got our attention.  It is clear as long as we still fight the fight we will be engaged in a battle. It does not matter fighting with light or fighting with dark.  It is time to let go of the battle within and an on the outside of ourselves.  The fight is over and the we need to see we are ONE.

Outside of us in the now there is still a duality game played with the wish of a certain outcome for the darkness in opposite polarity of the light. As long as we engage this battle  we are giving the duality energy and if we do not anymore and focus upon us being all one with all , we will give our energies to the  incorporation of both polarities  in oneness.

We need only have to embed all the opposites, embrace them with love without engaging the fight, battle, the argument, getting into hurt, pain, fear.  We all just need to focus our inner light towards unity with One and all including the planet, universe, source to be all united again in a balance of polarities.  This will bring humanity and our planet the shift energy to make as One people and planet the leap into the new paradigm.

Within us this battle needs also to be stopped. No more fighting within with doubt, fear, division, opposition, duality, polarity, ego. It is time to see that all that is needed is within and is  your heart source connection.  The power, the value of you is within you all.  It is not in anything else nor something outside of you. You will find that the attachments to whatever you had in the material world are just an illusion as you had never anything, you are just a custodian. All that is belongs to the One, and we are part of the one as it is part of us. Therefore all belongs to all of us, but not only us humanity but all of creation coming forth from source.

The more you lose and surrender, the more you to let go of  in this old dimensional frequency experience you will gain in total abundance in the shift we all will make. We are becoming from now dormant 5D humans living 5D reality humans. You will be the creator and have the power to tap into and manifest that what you need at the moment you need it.  You will learn to create from love  that has no conditions attached to it. You create in the 5D new paradigm perspective all with the highest outcome for all  as One. You will do so without harming any part of creation and without limitations and boundaries, time, concepts, beliefs and all the old that is not anymore in 5D existent.

You will see that you can overcome, if you see it, the fears that you now still have in your lives and are holding onto. Stop engaging the old by playing along with the system and do not to polarize.  If you can find a way to just BE without going into the confrontation with the opposite, you maybe just see it as a part of you that also is in YOU present. Your masculine and feminine energies are also in this process of the shift into 5D brought into balance. The fight or dis-balance  or polarity in this is also stopped.  Accept  and embrace your being, being YOU. Being that what is all in you and that also is coming to unite as One. We all return to One and Oneness. Our planet and our human kind, the universe and multiverse.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for and this means others do not do our work.  We need no more fights with others over systems, control, having or not, it is about seeing the true Oneness in all.  The inner Oneness and the outer Oneness. We can make this happen by a meditation, an intent , a focus of light in only BEing light and by not engaging the dark or their focus to get us into polarity or fear.  We just need to see all, the dark and the light, the feminine and masculine, the electric and magnetic, etc, all united as One in a total love vibrational frequency resonating over the whole planet including all no exceptions.

This means to set aside all your deepest fears, deepest needs, deepest longing, your grandest expectations, deepest doubts, deepest hurts, etc.  In that moment we shall be truly the ones that, just as source can,  love all as it is in whatever way it expresses or has expressed itself  in polarity.  Let us create that wave of love and Oneness.  So let us join Bill’s call on 19 March 7PM UTC worldwide.  We are making this happen sending love without anyone or anything excluded.

Love and Light,


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