Méline Lafont – About The New Pope And Everything Around It, That is Attracting Our Energies And Attention – My Observation – 15 March 2013

attractionWhat a time and action are upon us all sweet ones !! Wow, so much is happening, shiftings being prepared and activated.. We are on the brink of so much more to come and this is our ride, ladies and gentlemen!  Isn’t this amazing?!  As we are entering the new energies that are emerging from the spring equinox, it is made clear to all of us to really work on the time issues and boundaries that we create with our minds.  It is time to let these go for good now precious hearts, now it’s the real big deal and no more excercises or adaptations anymore at this stage we are entering now, but real action and work to be continued.

I find the reactions and mental activity around the pope so interesting to see because everyone seems to be fixed on the new pope that has been elected just a few days ago.  To me it does not  interest me one bit because the catholic church and the Vatican have never interested me, so why would a pope be of interest to me? 🙂   But as I wanted to watch some television before going to sleep, I could not ignore these facts on the  mainstream media because it was on every single channel.. So I watched the new pope for a few seconds and tried to feel him or form an opinion on him, which I could not have nor feel and I still can’t.


People have been mailing to me, contacting me or posing me questions about what I thought or knew about this new pope and every time I could not really answer or share my opinion on it because I simply don’t have one.  And now it just became so crystal clear to me why, that it is the reason that I wanted to write this all down and share away…

It became clear that I can’t judge nor have an opinion on him because I don’t feel comfortable in doing so.  I really have to force myself in trying to find a name or opinion on him, and it just does not work that way.. Wait, isn’t this the new way of living in the 5th Dimensional way of being?  Yes, it is! So actually I am grateful for this lesson and clear message from my Higher Self, which is telling me that I am at this time beyond judgment and that it is our natural way of being.

It does not matter if he is elected for Light purpose or dark purpose, or whatever purpose it might be.. It does not matter if he is of Light or not, what and who he is.. If we could pass this judgment and opinion that we are constantly forming with our minds, we can see that everything just is.  It does not matter what we all think of him, it will not change the fact what he is, and what he came to bring us in this reality.  Everything has its purpose, for the entire process we are in and everything, needs to be carried out in all sorts of ways so that renewal is a fact and can be manifested upon this world.  So actually it just is what it is; nothing more or less..

What we think or feel about this new pope, does not change the man for who he is or what he stands for!  The only thing that can bring change is the way we change ourselves and work on ourselves, for that is bringing the new into this Earth.  The more we are in balance with ourselves and the more we are beyond 3D in our ways of being and with each other, the more Light of the Higher Dimensions will be in us as well as on the Earth.  That we can change, through ourselves and not through another to force thoughts and things upon someone.  So if you think the new pope is ‘bad’, than ok that is your perspective and opinion, if you think he is of Light or ‘good’, that is your opinion too.. but it does not change the man at all.  He is elected now and that is fact, just as he is who he is: fact.

This is my feeling and experience about it, which just came into my mind about all this..
I am more acting and feeling in the way like: “ok he is the new pope and that is what it is, forming currently into this reality  and that is the way it is NOW”.  All this without figuring out what I feel or think about him, because it simply does not matter and does not help us at all.  It is again all about the dropping of forming thoughts and opinions about someone.  Be Love and send Love to everyone at all times, that is more the way it can help us all.

Anyway, this is just my observation from my point of view, where I AM standing 🙂

We are in the most excited times precious hearts, so be this all in the momentum of NOW ♥ My Love and gratitude, Méline ♥

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