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I have often wondered how on earth we are ever going to return to the wild now that we have decimated just about all of the wild places on the planet. When I look at pictures of cities and wild places side by side, I weep inside knowing the beauty that has been destroyed all in the name of progress and growth.

If we learn nothing else from our lives so far I hope we can learn that we don’t have to destroy what we have to move forward. We seem to have made no effort to preserve the wildness alongside the cities. Sure we leave or plant a few trees down the side of a city street if we are lucky to even get that, and we have saved a few thousand acres for public park land, but aside from that we have blown full steam ahead cutting down the wild places and laying concrete and building cities! Have a look, compare the two pictures and decide which you prefer.

If I were to win the lottery big time I would begin spending my money tearing up the concrete and finding new ways to build sustainable cities embraced by the kiss of the wild. There is no way we can ever return back to the wildness we all seem so enthralled with when we get the chance to interact with it, but we can certainly develop ways to build and include the wildness together. It takes more time and it takes more thought, both of which were not considered back in the day. It was a mad rush to create without any forethought about what we were doing. Today we are left with concrete jungles, trash, depressed people and very little color or inspiration, and we wonder why the world is the way it is!

Thankfully sustainability is having a comeback and we are beginning to think before we leap into projects. This seems to be coming about because humanity has begun to shift its consciousness from material gain to a holistic way of thinking or planetary harmony as I call it. We may not be able to undo all the damage we have inflicted upon the planet, but we can certainly treat it with care and forethought as we continue to evolve along with her. Take a journey through Google earth sometime and see just how much of the planet is now left in concrete ruins and decay. It is shocking and heart breaking! What will happen when the shift is complete and all the new thinkers are craving the solitude of the wild places? What wild places?

Looking at cities as a whole is truly overwhelming to think about, as far as changing or improving, but I suppose if we all take our own cities where we live and begin to make improvements with them, then we can make some headway. It is time we begin to be aware of the importance of everything in our lives in these present moments so we are not standing here decades later wondering how we can get back to what was instead of living with what is. If we had felt a supreme appreciation for the environment way back when perhaps we would not have plundered it into obscurity. It seems to go back to the core issue of not appreciating what we have. Lots of lessons to be learned as we begin to awaken and realize the errors of our ways. It is always better late than never but in this case it would have been better if the destruction had not occurred in the first place.

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